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  1. Retail shakeout fair point…but but but BITCOIN cannot buck a worldwide SKID…no golden ratio will save a SKID. Economy and Stock Market must find some LEGS.

  2. Hey Bitboy… why are you sooo happy this time? You were so angry and disappointed during the last dump when you said your portfolio was down in millions. Maybe you planned your buy/sell orders nicely this time? We'd love to hear your long/short entries πŸ™‚

  3. Add Cuba to the club of countries now accepting Crypto as a currency. They are no fools. They realize Crypto is decentralized and want to get in before the big boys try to come in and control it as they usually try to control everything.

  4. <You have always been right. I trust your opinion. I have you to thank for my portfolio being over 100% in profit STILL, even during this little dip. I have learned from you and other Youtubers especially my mentor JOHN FREDERICK STERNE , who taught me how to make trade and increase my crypto using price action margin.i had enough BTC and still trading for more. People shitting on Ben are going to be cry when Ben is correct about the market and XRP being the biggest gainer this cycle. All Love Ben <3

  5. I'm pretty disillusioned with crypto. I don't see how this stuff is currency if its price is a rollercoaster ride every weekend. I wouldn't put a cent in this market right now. The American dollar looks pretty damn strong and secure compared to this stuff.

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