Death Stranding Director's Cut Review

Death Stranding Director's Cut Review

Reviewed by Tristan Ogilvie on PlayStation 5. “A long list of quality of life improvements certainly makes the PS5 Director’s Cut the most feature-rich and …


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  1. As the reviewers mentioned himself, that there is a latter group who loved the game. This review should have been left to those who enjoyed the game instead of a bored man in his isolated room.

  2. The Kojima drones in the comments are mad and hilarious as usual. IGN got it right twice with this game, is a mediocre video game with pretty visuals. That's it. An easy mode and longer playtime IN 4K doesn't make it better

  3. what are reviewers they mean nothing and they take away your ability to love and like ,who cares what others think , it's so much nicer when you see and try something before these goons took over the gaming Internet

  4. You couldn't give it higher score because of your first review 🤣 This game is great and unique. Most of open world games are boring for me but suprisngly Death Stranding wasn't, it was kinda addicting.

  5. People get so hurt when their product for entertainment doesn’t get the rating they want 😂 and you can tell its mostly angsty teens and people who stay inside all day

  6. IGN 2019: Death Stranding is a interesting, but repetitive game that can feel overly frustrating and lack satisfaction due to finicky controls and complex gameplay mechanics. 6/10

    IGN 2021: Death Stranding Directors Cut feels too easy and doesn’t give you the same level of satisfaction as the original game (apparently), the new accessibility features make the game less of a challenge which hurts the directors vision. 7/10.

    Oh yeah, it’s big brain time.

    Also, nice job barely covering things like remastered graphics, haptic feedback, and overall replayability for returning gamers to the title. You know, literally 90% of why we are all here.

  7. IGN in 2019: Delivering cargo is too tough. 6.8
    IGN in 2021: You made deliveries too easy now. That defeats the purpose of the game. 7.0

  8. Literally just completed the storyline the other night. Didn’t play it for a whole year! Fell inlove with this game again, can’t wait for this ps5 version!!

  9. To be honest this is what comes out of cancelling silent hill and having the MGS 5 technology and wanting to release something instead of silent hill , whatever it may be. There is no love put into this project and nobody enthusiastically made this. and you notice that every minute in this game.

  10. So the same guy who rushed the review back then with skipping the Multiplayer Elements (heart and souls of this game btw) review the game again. Wow. And guess what, he hates it. What a surprise. Would hate it too without the main reason people love this game.

  11. Thanks for admitting with „40h fetch quest“ that you never played the game as intended. This game is much much longer if you play it like it should be played. And btw, wtf the same dude again? Why? Ign you’re ridiculous sorry

  12. This game is a 120h + game if you play it like Kojima wanted from you to play it. The fact that you say it’s a 40h Game just shows that you Never played the Game As intended: with helping others and enjoying the multiplayer. This was already weird 2 years ago and should have been a review over time.

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