Kobbe Interview, Spring Split with TSM and returning to the LEC | ESPN ESPORT

Kobbe Interview, Spring Split with TSM and returning to the LEC | ESPN ESPORT

Misfits Gaming’s new AD Carry Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup joins ESPN’s Emily Rand to reflect on his Spring Split with TSM, the Doublelift trade and his …


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  1. dam… i'm EU… but when I was rooting for NA it was always TSM.. I think this is highly unprofessional and this is really bad for there reputation. Result of when you mix love and work…

  2. Say what you want about how tsm acted but he low key seems really toxic, but quiet about it. If you see the chemistry with DL v him… even from watching tsm legends, he seems lame and boring af

  3. I'm so sorry for Kobbe to hear that he had been played. It's awful to the point of disgust towards TSM. He should be compensated for the trouble and trauma he had experienced. I hope TSM stays at the bottom of the NA ladder and for Kobbe to step on the World's stage this year.

  4. Maybe NA teams should listen more to their imported eu players because the gap between the two regions is very big. Instead they force their weak and passive playstyle upon them and waste their talent.

  5. i formed my opinion on this team in a match vs 100t. Every teamfiight kobbe had a pillar on his face. and meanwhile the rest of the team is diving.

  6. TSM has had problems for YEARS now, not accomplishing anything significant in terms of important events. So, what do they do? Bench a player that carried 3rd LEC team at worlds and almost finished 1st in group ahead of future world champs and made series against SKT close, even outperforming Teddy who is ranked highly. Anyways, im glad he rejoined LEC and even if he doesnt get to go to worlds, he will improve so much since LEC ADC position is the most stacked it has ever been

  7. Looking forward to see his play on EUW. Seems like the "I just left TSM Buff" is already kicking in. Very nice! Good luck in LEC Kobbe, you deserve it!

  8. ESPN needs to up their Esports contents technical quality. She should have a better mic for sure, and overall you can see how low the technical quality of all their videos are. This is a great interview regardless, I'm really happy Kobbe is happy. I hope he crushes EU

  9. It's funny how TSM fans put all their hope in one old player with motivational issues ("Spring split doesn't matter").
    They might make it to worlds but not out of groups and I hope Kobbe is the one who sends them home.

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