Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus review

After a few weeks with the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, the verdict is in as we review the bigger brother to Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S9. The S9 …


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  1. In terms of brightness, the Galaxy S9 plus is capable of the same 574 nits at 100% white as the Galaxy S8+ with excellent viewing angles. This remains the highest 100% white brightness I’ve seen from an AMOLED display, thanks to Samsung’s brightness boost feature in strong sunlight. I also measured up to 864 nits at 10% white, which makes S9+ very suitable for HDR content and it’s no surprise HDR is supported on this handset.

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  2. Hi, would you recommend the s9 + or the huawei p20 pro when you look at it long term? I am sort of leaning toward the Huawei because of the battery and camera. But i dont know how well huawei supports their phones with updates and such.

  3. Great video, and I would love to see more follow up on how the 2 versions of the phone vary.
    I would like to know the antutu benchmark test numbers, between the Xinos version of the S9 Plus vs the SnapDragon version…
    I have heard the CPU is faster in the Xinos version, but the real star is the GPU in the Snapdragon version!! My info is the GPU is faster on SnapDragon. Is this true or false and what are the numbers? Any other pure GPU benchmark test I would love to see run on both versions of the S9 Plus.

  4. Are all the reviewers paid shills or what? This phone is a joke. Zero new here. We need to see LOWER PRICED PHONES if there is nothing new. What a scam.

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