World War Z Aftermath Review

World War Z Aftermath Review

World War Z: Aftermath reviewed by Travis Northup on PC and Xbox Series X. Also available on Xbox One and PlayStation. Aftermath evolves World War Z in …


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  1. Maybe you should not play wwz at baby difficulty since the game has been out for years. People dont play on 2 skull difficulty mate. (So ignore that part in this review)

    Try 3-4 skull difficulty that should be more standard easy matches

  2. Only 4 free episodes each with 3-4 levels it gets repetitive the first few matches are fun with friends or by yourself but if its going to compete with back 4 blood its going to need way more than 1st person and one new class.the game has been out for a bit and you would expect them to have more classes.

  3. first they released on EGS
    1 year later + hype goes down
    they released on steam
    then online became dead because EGS exclusive made a game will be forgotten pretty quick aaaaannnnddd steam review became RED because the game is DEAD
    and dev blame steam user review section

  4. Lack of story….it's a fuckin arcade zombie shooter IGN. Alot of dumb reasons for the review.. who the F shoot a bazooka 3 feet away????

  5. Explosives are still bland af. It's most likely a trade off to have so many zombies on the map at the same time but still , would rather have a little less zombies and more impactful explosions (0:33 for reference). Also the fact that you can't look through the optics of the guns just looks silly and lazy.

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