Virtual Reality for Architects

Virtual Reality for Architects

David Leonard of Leonard Design talks of the advantages of Virtual Reality in the design process for architects and designers. Via the use of the HTC Vive …


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  1. Thanks, very informative video ! I've been working on this application of VR for architects at – a 3D to VR platform that's making it easy for architects to communicate their designs using standalone VR headsets like Oculus Go. Will be great to hear your feedback !

  2. How realistic are you able to make the lighting?
    The lighting and for example it's relation to different types of materials, such as reflection and colours and so on.
    I'm studying to become a lighting designer and I'd like to learn to create realistic lighting simulations for VR.

  3. There are 2 types. One is Unreal Engine and the other is Unity 3d
    Unreal is often the best choice for interiors.
    You have to make the 3d models from sketchup or blender before exporting them to Unreal engine to give that perfect realistic looks.
    You need a computer that is powerful enough to carry the graphics…

  4. Please could you help me. I want use htc vive but I dont know desing program name.
    I want use for desing with htc vive's controller

    What is the program name for htc vive ? thanks

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