IGN Reviews – Bastion Game Review

IGN gives its video review of the new DLC game Bastion. Does the beautiful looking RPG Bastion start Summer of Arcade with a bang or a bust? IGN’s YouTube …


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  1. Finally played this game. Even 9 years later it holds up. Art direction, gameplay, story are top tier. Timeless game. Supergiant really created something special.

  2. Weak story? How…
    The story of bastion is one of the best there is!
    Not to mention he didn't mention the amazing soundtrack the studio has tailored the gaming level to…

  3. Damn, that narrador nevers shuts up. Just talks and talks and talks. I feel the game a little Boring too. I prefer playing cat quest. (Talkink about the switch)

  4. 'Weak story' shows just about how much of the game youve played. Dont get me wrong, im not hating or saying that the story was a revolution in gaming. Of course there are better indie titles with better plotlines than bastion, like hollow knight. HOWEVER. calling the deep intricate painting that which is bastions storyline is doing it injustice, and i heavily object. Also, WEAK STORY MATE?
    Keep in mind the damn game is an indie title. It was mindblowing how much they made me care about the characters and the plot. Bastion remains one of my favourite games

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