Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact review

Introducing our review of the Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact, the little brother to the Xperia XZ1. This smartphone from Sony boasts a Snapdragon 835 processor …


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  1. im seriously considering the xz1 compact. but the double tap to wake feature is gone right? Anyone know whether the 4G LTE network will work in Canada or China? im buying the phone in China but moving to Canada in the future

  2. Why doesn't anyone mention the cumbersome gallery? It's very unintuitive, with the default screen always changing from what you left it on last (chronological vs albums), random "highlighted" photos cycling at the top of the screen, and the worst thing: it takes like 9 steps to crop a photo. There's no crop in the gallery so you have to launch an editor each time, and you can't set a default, so you have to select your editing app every time you want to crop one simple photo for social media.
    Third party galleries are much better but Sony forces cropped photos into a separate album on ALL third party galleries. You have to exit the current album to search for the photo you just cropped/edited.
    And there's no way to make any third party gallery default, anyway. You will always be brought to Sony's half-assed one if you go from the camera app.

  3. A lot of reviews say the camera's low light performance isn't quite as good as current flagships. How does the camera stand up against something like an iPhone SE? (My current phone.)

  4. Thanks for the review. I will be picking up mine tomorrow. TBH considering the price difference between the compact and the xz1 you can easily pick up a 64gb micro SD to fill that gap without touching the price of the xz1, come closer to the xz1 price range and you can have 200gb+ micro sd.

  5. This phone is so awesome to hold. Weight is zero compared to other heavy devices.
    Also it doesnt fill up your pocket. With that being said, of course there are better phones on the market for the same price. But they are huge. Why do the cheapest phones always have a 5,5 inch display? Cause they're easier to build.

  6. Wow! I just replaced my iPhone SE with this phone! It's amazinggggggggg. Battery, display, zippy, SD card, water proof, dual front speakers, incredible in hand feel and simplicity it with Oreo

  7. With less bezels in FHD this could be the best smartphone ever 4.9" in such a small device ! Gosh this would be PERFECT … but Sony doesn't seem to like changes …

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