The World's First Underwater VR Headset Is INSANE!

The World's First Underwater VR Headset Is INSANE!

I try the DiVR VR headset from Ballast VR, the worlds first underwater VR headset! To test out this crazy virtual reality headset I hired a private swimming pool …


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  1. I love this concept. I work with some special needs kids. They have really taken to the Quest 2 and some experiences in it, especially Invasion!
    They also love playing in water. I'm curious to see how they would do with this type of VR… gonna have to teach them to snorkel.

  2. A place near me has the slide experience but I've been twice since the start of the pandemic and the VR experience wasn't available. Looks interesting, though.

  3. Awesome. I’ve been super interested in vr for years. Ever since my friend showed me an ocean experience on his phone like 5 years ago. I’m glad more people are able to experience vr.

  4. As someone who's spent a lot of time with VR this seems like a really unique experience! It kind of reminds me of a sensory deprivation float tank and the weightless effect they can provide, using VR in one of those would be a trip.

  5. Wait whaaat?! That's insane, oh man, if you think about it, there are still so much possibilities, which people haven't realized yet.. dude ideas.. People are truly limitless.
    Oh wait, there is smartphone inside? Oh.. well.. anyways cool

  6. Saw this being used in Geneva Switzerland for some Apollo space mission!! It was crazy! They allowed guests to try it in the lake. Too cold for me but looked nuts!

  7. using a phone in a shell with a few cameras and calling it a "vr headset" makes me laugh and pity those who at least dont own a quest 2

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