Top 10 Best Plumbing Tool Accessories for Plumbers

Watch 10 useful plumbing tools ,accessories for plumbers, these are plumbing hole saw,crimping tools, plumber’s knife, toilet tools, plumbing valves and fittings …


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  3. This is supposed to be the best tools. The only decent ones in the list were the first 2. For the last one haven't they seen a press fit gun? Milwaukeemake a decent one granted it costs about £2000 gbp.

  4. Thanks for sharing such great information. It is really helpful to me. I always search to watch the quality content and finally I found your vidoe. Keep it up, keep posting!

  5. The number 1 is not bad but not for professional man. Is very heavy and difficult to use. Specially on the inside of the corner.. and in the ceiling. Is better other types of pressmachine without arms.

  6. I like the last tool. Unfortunately connections aren't made on a level surface with plenty room for the handles to extend. Most of the time your in a tight spot and space is at a minimum.

  7. No 8…When the valve needs replacing is it just a case of cutting the pipe and then when you find the stub is too short just the small job of lifting the floor, toilet removal and extending the pipe, replace the floor and coving , reinstall the toilet and then fit a new valve?? Seems simple :0 :0 . But if in copper! remove the valve and replace with new!

  8. Who ever made this video isnt a plumber. If they were they would have mentioned pro press as it does black iron and copper press fittings. No pex expansion tool mentioned here, nor the seesnake. No moisture meter or thermal imaging. Honestly everything here is garbage.

  9. I had a customer show me a really old tool set where you could make your own copper fittings out of copper pipe. It was badass.

  10. He glued the pipe push it on the valve then turned 1/4 turn false. Go back and read the can it says (push on while turning) not push then turn. Push pipe FULLY into fitting using a ¼ turning motion until pipe bottoms. Hay if you didn't take a plumbing class at least read the can slooowly. 🐌

  11. Do not use CPVC. It is garbage and will be brittle and cause problems quickly. Also, don't use sharkbites in areas that are not easily accessible. Personally, I think they are only good for temporary repairs. Also, always stub out in copper.

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