Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S vs HTC One X vs S2 Camera Test Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S vs HTC One X vs S2 Camera Test Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S vs HTC One X vs S2 Camera Test Comparison. 8MP and 1080p HD video recording – which phone has the best camera?


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  1. @ndxslqh yes i mean it. i couldnt believe it when my friend told me about this site. Listen, i really ddnt expect that iphone4S and galaxy s3 would get this much cheap in this site. its worth a try here >->

  2. I hate s3 because is same like s2 just with bigger screen. If u think they are not the same tell me what applications can open S3 and S2 that can not, than other 2 cores on s3 do not even come to expression on existing applications in the Android market. Why should i spend 600$+(s3) on the same phone which i can buy for 300-400$(s2)

  3. I have to admit, i have the S3 and looking at these demonstrations i'd say on default settings the One X is superior. There isn't as much noise in the imagine and it doesn't over expose as much on the One X as the S3 does. You can turn down the Exposure and adjust the Iso on the S3 though and it's a lot better in certain situations.

  4. I have the Galaxy S3 for a month now and it is absolutely STUNNING! Apart from sometimes (very rarely) laggyness ocen you have cleared the ram cache, but then it gets restored again

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  6. Please see our previous comments to @xxdmdeschamps72 below. We shot this at the launch event – and we didn't have an S3 to take home with us at the time. So we couldn't get the image files off of it. If you check through our other videos you'll see far more detailed camera and video tests comparing all of these phones. Hope those are better for you!

  7. You guys should have showed the photos not taking pictures of the photos because each phone has a different screen so the photos won't be accurate to compare

  8. We used to have a conclusion in our test videos, but as so many people would disagree, we now leave it up to our lovely Youtubers to decide 🙂

  9. Idiot. Perhaps you haven't noticed, but the 4S is still among, if not the best camera phone in terms of quality. Perhaps not the fastest camera and it haven't got many special effects like the other phones have. You'll just have to download a free app instead. Which isn't so difficult, in my opinion. All of a sudden, it seems like iPhone isn't so much behind those "monsters" of yours anymore?

  10. Sorry it's confusing. We took all the phones down to the S3 launch to compare side-by-side as we thought it'd be useful. Check out other videos on our channel for more direct camera/video comparisons of 2 phones… HTC One X vs iPhone 4S for example. We go into more detail too. Thanks for watching!

  11. My damn eyes are trying to judge four at once. Do one at a time the same steps and same item your focusing on then move on to the next phone, is it really that complicated?

  12. This was done at the launch of the S3 (check the upload date vs full release date) – so we only had a few minutes with the device. We had to be sneaky taking all the other phones out to compare too! We've done far more in-depth S3 vs One X and S3 vs 4S camera test videos – check the channel.

  13. It's not an akward test to compare a photo made by all four phones directly on their screen?
    If you make 100 different tests like this a phone like Galaxy S 3 will make his photo look way better because of the Amoled screen and higher Ppi …

  14. Nope, s2 still topped 4s bigtime, even though apple had more time to make the top smart phone at the time, they failed their mission, what makes you think that apple will sucseed with 5 compared to the s3

  15. And when they bring out the new Nexus Line of Phones running the newer A15 Cortx Quad core chipsets and the new dual and Quad core Windows 8 phones, you will see a changing of the guard again.
    In other words, you can never keep up with the technology.

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