5 Surprising Ways The Government Knows You Own Bitcoin

5 Surprising Ways The Government Knows You Own Bitcoin

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  1. WARNING: There are a number of scammers who are using my image and
    channel name to try to connect with my viewers on WhatsApp and other
    platforms to scam them. Just so you know, I will never refer you to
    "my personal trader" or try to connect with you personally to sell you
    something. I am trying to ban these scammers as quickly as they pop up. You can
    always recognize a scammer by clicking on the image and seeing how
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  2. Hi Matthew, another great video.
    Quick question if I may…There are call options on deribit that expire on Dec 31 with a strike price of 90k, that are going for 3-4k. Are these not a home run?

  3. Use a bitcoin atm using a cheap phone number (prepaid) and a โ€œnameโ€ to buy using cash. Thereโ€™s ATMs everywhere in America. You pay a fee but who cares. Is anonymous.

  4. Any thoughts on selling BTC before cap gains tax is increased?

    Would be interested in a video on your thoughts.

    I understand you personally have decided you do not intend to sell your BTC.

    However I am interested in your thoughts for others, perhaps with smaller bank balances.

    For someone with limited means, I may be the difference between buying a house outright ect.

  5. Iโ€™ve bought BTC with my credit card on Binance, so is it not already a certainty that the government knows that I have bitcoin? But my real question is, if I donโ€™t sell bitcoin but use it to buy stuff online or pay my bills do I have taxation issue?

  6. The idea that ANYONE who ever thought/thinks that BTC or any crypto is a way to engage in criminal behavior using this technology is either an ignoramus or just slow upstairs.

  7. I'm not advocating breaking the law, but what happens when the government writes laws to tax your unrealized capital gains? What happens when the government writes laws to steal your money before you make it? When Bitcoin goes to $500K next year, could you pay all those unrealized capital gains? How do you hide Bitcoin?

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