Smartphones are evolving.

Smartphones are evolving.

With Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha coming soon in 2020, amongst foldable smartphones, 120Hz refresh rates and more, let’s take a look at 7 upcoming smartphone …


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  1. Arun, What would You Say to A MIND Controlled, SMART Hand-Held Personal Device !? How will You Train the Device To Understand Me Better, like Specific Commands for Example !? What would You like To EAT Today ?! Yummy, Delicious, Drool, Finger Licking Food, Uhmm Moaningly Juicy, … Oh GOD YES 🙂

  2. 'My personal prediction is that at least some smartphones this year or next year will start shipping with ultra-speed gallium-nitride chargers in the box'

    Phone companies like Samsung or Apple start removing charges from boxes completely in 2021

    Man that sure didn't age well.

  3. i don't need a mobile to vibrate or a better keyboard I need that he doesn't need the internet so I can dictate messages (text) i haven't used keyboard for writing a whole 2 years except for some minor corrections

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  5. "Atleast some smartphones either this year or next year will start shipping with ultra speed gallium nitride chargers in the box"

    That didn't age well

  6. So now not only are we having our phones prices going up we're also now got a £1000++ phone that we need to squeeze and press the screen hard to get out anything out of it , great work….. not

  7. The expectation was companies will start giving graphene chargers
    Companies : We'll not even give you simple chargers 🙂

  8. 3:07 this will be very useful for people who depend on touch more than sight but we better be able to turn it off because imagine setting that down screen up and suddenly you have called your nan 30 times in 2 minutes

  9. 0:34 this thing makes me angry for no reason. I don't know why, it just gives me memories that I don't have of trying to type something, getting it wrong a thousand times after i spent 20 minutes setting the camera to actually see my fingers.
    I have never used this yet i am angry wth 😂

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