Apple Watch – Everything you need to know

Apple Watch - Everything you need to know

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  1. This is the best watch ever⌚⌚>に I have a Google pixel 2 XL phone and I love it. I couldn't find a compatable smart watch at all. But I didn't give up. Then I kept searching Amazon, and I found it. I work in an office so this is so nice I don't have to put my phone to see who is calling or texting. Just look at my watch. Even though I cannot answer the phone I can still reply to text message. The sleep tracking is amazing. Also my heart rate resting, walking or whatever I am doing. I can say enough about this watch and comes with chargers. I would highly recommend it.

  2. The amount in GBP £ pounds is too high relative to the price offer in dollars. British people be smart. Go to bank and turn the Pounds into dollars on your own, then buy it in Dollars! I'm saving you at least £100 with this advice.

  3. Apple id not american they are based in china today. If they get half the labor verses amerixa why is it the wstch is still so expessive? Example. Crawfish from china cost 8.oo and usa crawfish cost 14.oo. see whay mean. Apple f you!

  4. Saw and played with the watch in person and it's an amazing piece of hardware.  Beautiful screen.  Fast display.  This is absolutely disruptive technology.  Q1 earnings april 27 will blow analyst expectations out of the water (for the most part they're downplaying this all to scoop up on these stocks).

  5. I was fortunate enough to get a early release of the Apple Watch and have been using it for months now.. it is one of the best watches and wearable tech I have ever owned. As a tester for Apple I can say this will be something you definitely want!!

  6. why there is people defending any apples actions or products as if it is their father's comp. this product is nth but a small useless expensive thing i would get any other apple's good product with that money

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