NHL 22 Video Review

NHL 22 Video Review

NHL 22 was reviewed by Matt Paprocki on PlayStation 5, also available on Xbox. EA’s latest NHL hockey game is an uneven installment that puts the focus in …


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  1. This game has huge issues right now currently in the World of Chel EASHL mode. Many games will have syncing issues leaving players staring at a syncing screen that only resumes gameplay when certain players leave the game (more noticeably on PS4). As of now, this happens pretty regularly.

    To the competitive EASHL community and to people who just want to have fun playing 6s EASHL with their friends, this is a huge disappointment. Players will close app or quit game out of frustration due to EAs failure to properly sync players together during game. While the new attribute system is a big step in the right direction, the games inability to give players (specifically only 12 players) a smooth online experience together, diminishes it's presence in the game.

  2. what else can you improve in these games. I've played sports games since Nintendo, but what else do you expect?!? seriously.. to show up to the arena in the player real car?!?

  3. 6 is still alittle high for this, but im glad the reviewer was mostly critical. We really need new competition for sports games. For the love of games, DO NOT BUY THIS OR ANY OTHER EA SPORTS TITLE. It will literally be free on Game Pass in like 2-3 months. Stop giving EA no reason to make any meaningful changes.

  4. The crowd is a total disappointment for a new game engine. They still look like total garbage. The graphics overhaul was supposed to be the main reason for people to get 22. Thoroughly let down

  5. every year, EA “fixes” a problem and market it as your reason to buy it and then breaks something else so they can market it for the following year. i’m so sick of it

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