The Rivian R1T is an Incredibly Fun Electric Pickup!

Rivian R1T is a quad motor adventurous electric compact pickup truck. I’ve run out of adjectives. But this truck is incredibly fun. MKBHD Merch: http://shop.


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. It makes me sad, but $70K is almost competitive for a pickup truck with any features, never mind all of the features. I would love, love, love to buy one to tow my camper, but the charging network concerns me.

  2. I would choose the F150 $ for $. Much more space when you need it and I suspect the F150 will have substantially more range when they finally release the numbers.

  3. All reviewers say, no glove box but no explanation as to why? My guess is because the Rivian has knee airbags on the mid to lower part of the passenger side dash, and maybe just didn’t want to mess with the aesthetic’s of the wood dash above or no room?

  4. Those goofy headlights and the short bed are going to hold this truck back. Other than that it’s a nice truck. Love the frunk.

  5. Maybe I'm being ignorant but the biggest problem with EV is the lack of universal charging. Could you imagine if every car manufacturer required a proprietary gas pump nozzle? Why can't we have universal chargers everywhere that work with all cars?

  6. I look forward to EVs for normal people without all the extra shit. that's still really cool design, not visually as much as functionally. i also like that it's not needlessly tall.

  7. Damn, that is one thought out car. The powered frunk seems so easy to use. Unlike other electric cars where you have to open it from the app or the screen inside the car.

  8. That tunnel is for future accessories that can be installed as a module to the Rivian like kitchen stoves with camper module or some mini machines for plumbers, electricians etc which were shown in their early years promo videos.

  9. I'm sorry, it sounded like you said the truck bed cover wasn't working. 🤔 But that can't be, everyone is saying electric cars are never gonna break.

  10. God I hate the complete takeover of software only controls in cars, but especially a truck. Most things about this truck are great. I would want a 6 foot bed and a different face. But that software air control bugs the fuck out of me.

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