Senior community explores the world with virtual reality

Senior community explores the world with virtual reality

The virtual reality industry is still in its infancy, with just over two million headsets expected to be sold this year. But one MIT startup believes this cutting-edge …


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  1. It's so sad that so many of our seniors are forgotten when they are in senior living. They still have so much love to give and we can learn so much from them. They knew how to survive in hard times. The young people today take everything for granted because they don't know any better, because we didn't teach them better. We are letting our children down. TEACH THEM HOW TO SURVIVE

  2. Two things. #1 Do they make one for dogs because my Aussie Shep mix stares at me all day. 😹 And #2 I believe all major insurances should cover these for seniors and the disabled.

  3. Many disabled people mentally/ physically of all ages..all over the globe who are shut in's would love this..not just seniors…but great for them also…

  4. So, a company overselling the inventions of other peoples on TV… by showing somebody their house?
    Look into this company, they… thieve other people's accomplishments and work and pass it off as their own, and then charge for it.
    The headset cost money, and the software is generally free… these guys are purely commercial.

  5. Our healthcare is lacking…why can there not be something like Donors Choose to assist seniors so they can receive the extra healthcare that is not covered..this is an amazing platform that truly helps seniors as well as disabled people…we need to get supplies they need to them, and government funds don't provide this kind of stimulation.

  6. "children go outside and play".. "mom and dad put your VR headset and go to Europe!"… "while i just netflix and chill" millenial parenting at it's best..

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