Guardians of the Galaxy Review -Surprised- "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?"

Guardians of the Galaxy Review -Surprised- "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?"

Karak reviews Guardians of the Galaxy Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?” PC and Xbox code supplied by Square guardians of the galaxy game. Tested …


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  1. I loved this review, but that point you make about your rating "Buy, except with technical difficulties" is easily overheard. I'm surprised you didn't Say&Post&Highlight 'Rating: Buy'… '?'… 'Bonus Note: Technical Difficulties'… Or something

  2. So game's better than we thought? Yeah, pretty much what I expected.

    Gotta be honest tho, I had no hype for this game. Mainly because I like the Guardians but I'm not a super fan, you could only play as Peter with the others being AI-controlled & mainly for team-up attacks. Also, most of the preview trailers looked bad/very off for some reason. That said, I'm probably gonna give this a good go at sale price.

  3. Nope, uninstalled and returned. The voice acting is incredibly weak. Not just I don't like it, but instead the timing and pacing is really messy. Drax is particularly bad. I guess my standards are higher than the reviewers'. And there's at least one awkward animation per scene. The groot standing pose should have been a placeholder.

  4. From the footage, I believe this game doesn't have any motion blur… Especially, per object motion blur would have helped 30 fps mode on consoles. It feels little bit janky in gameplay (in some scenes, even with 60 fps mode or with pc). I hope they add it in the future.

  5. The fast jumpy-floaty-shooty gameplay looks like a solid scratch for my Control itch. I wasn't sure about the sp/ai team dynamic either. But, bossing them around looks fairly seamless.
    Hopefully Guardians can avenge the colossal disappointment of Marvel's previous ensemble. If given the chance for redemption Guardians could be a Jedi FO moment for Sqeenix.

    God knows single-player offline games need a lot of love right now.🙏

  6. I’ve been defending this game from uninformed people who saw the square logo and thought it was anything like avengers since the reveal. Can’t wait to jump in this week, my deluxe edition doesn’t come till Thursday.

  7. I'm going to have to pick this up, just need to get through my backlog I have a bad habit of buying games and not playing them for months when I hear good news like this lol

  8. I've been following you since last year, and I really don't think I've seen you give such a resounding buy rating before. Sounds like this is definitly a game I want to pick up.

  9. I need choice and variety in these kinds of games so limiting your control to just star Lord and 4 abilities has put me off till a sale NGL

    Also the hard mode just looked like bullet sponges that have to be skill spammed to fill thier stagger meter, overall seems pretty mehh to me but maybe the story can carry those let downs

  10. So glad to hear this game turned out to be fun and much better than Avengers. Hearing reviews for Avengers made me cautious about this game.

    Been wanting a good Guardians of the Galaxy game that's not just a visual novel, so I'll be picking this up real soon

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