You've Never Seen a Smartphone Display Like This…

Taking a closer look at Samsung’s display tech including the Diamond Pixel layout and new durability features for folding devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and …


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  1. The title is false when your rocking the phone like I am! Still a good video yo imma try this out next time I'm at work since we got the microscopes for sale

  2. Love my Fold3! Came from note 8 to note 10+ to this and it's awesome. I never used my pen with my notes so I didn't care to get it tbh in my opinion

  3. I get SO many people asking when using my phone. Apple users are secretly jealous. I was previously a Note user and owned the Note 8 and Note 10 Plus. To be honest, the Fold3 satisfies the true note-taking experience with the large screen real estate. Truly, a great device! Samsung's displays are next level!

  4. Samsung's innovation in the mobile sector is spectacular. Sadly, apple will catch up and improve the technology even better and figure out how to make it useful for the end user. Samsung's innovation is just "raw" innovation….

  5. this is also possible with the oppo find x3 pro my friend has one and we tried it on the under display camera and the pixels there look VERY different!! You need to check them out as well!!

  6. Samsung's making real good products. honestly I'm starting to give precedence to Samsung over Apple. These screens look overwhelmingly impressive!

  7. Just to help people out

    I got my z fold 3 5g for only $400.. let me explain

    I bought my device through best buy, but i got it with a new plan for verison. Verison had a deal for a trade in for $1,000 off. Which my old device was acceptable…best buy had an automatic "save $400" on the device. So with it being retail $1,799,99 minus the trade in offer & the best buy deal. I got my phone for $400😏🀯

    Best phone ive ever had & i dont think i can ever go back

  8. Elder Brother 🀍 It's Just A Incredible Cold Flexible Wow . That's A Great Realistic Smart Phone Invented By Samsung πŸ™Œ. Other Hand What's A Impossible Hard Core Technologies & Design Discover By Samsung Engineer's And Designer's ✌️ . I Love To Say That Just Want It On My Hand πŸ˜€ .Also Most Amazing Thing Is Today Your Facial Impression 😘. Take Care ❀️ & Thank You πŸ™

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