12 Self Defense Gadgets You’ll Want To Buy

12 Self Defense Gadgets You’ll Want To Buy

Self-defense is not just your right – it is your duty. And with the help of the right kind of gadgets, you can effectively defend yourself …


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  1. My self defense is avoiding conflict whenever possible. When impossible I keep an utility knife and a side arm. I’m not fooling around with any of these. I’d carry the tactical pen could possibly come in handy in an accidental emergency situation.

  2. Is this a parody video? The Magic Staff alone is a joke it’s a magician’s prop. If you hit anyone with that all you will get is your ass whipped. Truly disappointed to see this. I teach martial arts and that staff is a great tool to learn. There is always a broom or mop around and then you have a staff. This magic staff is just that, magic not self defense.
    Do better @TechJoint

  3. You lost me instantly when you called magic staff a self defense weapon. They are a party trick or a prop for a magician. They collapse under a strong breeze. There's no way you're holding off a mugger with one of those.

  4. The "magic staff" doesn't really do anything as they're generally from wish which tells you how shit they are These videos NEVER take into account the amount of time you'd need to set these things up. Its not like a thief is going to wait politely while you get out something incapacitate them are they? It just takes a second or two for them to get out a knife or gun & your dead.

  5. Why not just carry a tranquillizer pistol that takes 2 seconds to work & lasts for about 5 minutes or something instead? Just aim for the neck, shoot, run off & you'll be LONG GONE too, oh & don't forget to rob the robber after they're knocked out. Hopefully the irony won't be lost on them.

  6. …If somebody accidentally bumps your shoulder while walking down the street…you should attack them immediately! and try to kill them! with your handy little "self-defense" gadget! LOL 😂😂😂😳

  7. If you can put that redicoulous peper gun in your man purse, why cannot you just have a desert eagle instead. People over estimate the effextivness against pepper spray against phycotic killers.

  8. You need to stop advising people that Magic staff can be used as a self defense weapon. It is garbage. PLEASE DO NOT rely on it for self defense. It will not stop or slow down an attacker. Train, do your own research and stay safe everyone. 💛

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