Shin Megami Tensei 5 Review

Shin Megami Tensei 5 Review

Shin Megami Tensei V reviewed by Leana Hafer on Nintendo Switch. Shin Megami Tensei V’s excellent JRPG combat and deeply rewarding customization …


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  1. Atlus literally released SMT3 Nocturne months ago, and you compare it to Persona? That's why Persona is a spin off in the first place…
    IGN already had a bad reputation everywhere and now I'm sure u guys deserve it

  2. You (IGN as a whole since both the speaker and the writer had involvement in this) cover the bases adequately but needlessly comparing it to Persona 5 when SMT has always tried to tackle those "higher concept" topics and move away from character driven backstories is why Persona even exists. Like, it's like saying "wow this Pokémon Colosseum has better story, plot and characters than most Pokémon games but suffers from not having enough random Pokémon encounters and gym leaders". Like that was the point. See why this rubbed a lot of SMT fans the wrong way?? You can make the Persona 5 comparison once with a reason to inform your audience of similar games. You made it three times and every time made SMT sound worse than Persona with the reasoning "it wasn't Persona".

  3. Being the devil's advocate, the "younger brother" thing is about SMT5, not the SMT series.
    But the rest, yeah, this review is so awful that the people hate it, even give a 8/10 note.

  4. sorry dude but this critic is as Shin Megami V is the main Series it is not Persona dude Persona is the Spin off of course it will not be Persona lol

  5. Yeah, this isn’t Persona 5. This is about the end of the world. If you were looking for heartfelt buddy companionship, you’ve never played a mainline SMT game before.

  6. COME ON……. PLEASE stop comparing this game to Persona…… Persona is SMT's SPIN OFF, why is it a SPIN OFF?! because they are 2 different games, Persona literally would not exist without the previous SMT Games…..

  7. Does the box say "persona"
    Is the game "persona"
    Should the game be "persona"
    Has smt ever felt like modern persona
    Absolutely not

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