Oculus Quest 2 All-in-One VR Headset | Hands-on Review

Oculus Quest 2 All-in-One VR Headset | Hands-on Review

Let’s take a trip to the virtual world of the Oculus Quest 2! The purpose of the Quest 2 is to be your all-in-one virtual reality experience for VR gaming without …


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  1. The quest is an awesome buy that is so worth it. Just playing Minecraft in VR or watching YouTube on a huge screen or even exploring the Ann Frank house, it's all immersive. I'm lucky to be someone who doesn't get motion sick even with low framerates but 90 hz is key for the most immersive experience. I have a wide head so the headset is not that comfortable and it leaves a mark on my face when I use it, but I don't mind and I use the quest a lot. Why watch a movie on my TV when I can lie down and watch on my quest in my bed and still feel I'm getting a large screen? My favorite part of VR is feeling exhausted after playing for a while and thinking to myself "Wow! I'm even physically feeling like I'm in the game via my stamina, and it's getting better as I get more exercise outside of VR"

  2. I believe if Facebook did not force the accounts to be proprietary the oculus quest 2 would have cost more than the valve index. I think the reason oculus is so cheap is because facebook is selling your data for more money.

  3. I bought mine with the intention of using it mainly for PC VR. However, the wireless experience was so good, I'm using it more and more standalone. The mobile processor does a lot of heavy-lifting, and works a treat. It's not quite like a PC game, but it's near.

  4. Quit being little bitches. Having a Facebook account is not gonna kill you and if you have a problem with it, remember you're the problem. Facebook is a digital service, if you end up using it to much, it's your fault, not Facebook fault

  5. I'll do a lot of things to upgrade from the windows mixed reality vr that in using. But makinging a FB account is not one of them.

  6. The only thing that's accurate is when he said you get what you pay for and personally this is my recommendation as well if you don't have a high end PC or just can't justify spending a thousand dollars on a Valve index VR kit but I can tell you I've been gaming on the Valve Index and it is absolutely the best VR experience on the planet.

  7. Just going to say… That oculus link cable should have been plugged in the other way around so the cable is routed backwards. If the cable is forward you can easily catch it with your controller and snap it off in the headset.

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