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  1. A team of 2Bs? They're sexy, would loved to play them… but the foes are so repulsing and so strange that I'm both disgusted and in disbelief, which is why I wouldn't love to play this.
    Oh the dilemma.

  2. Did he ever talk about the story? I seemed to have missed it when I looked away and don't want to watch the whole video again in case he never did.

  3. Anyone going to purchases this game should buy the artbook and the OST also. In the artbook, Alexandre Chaudret also explained how they got their ideas from.

  4. I absolutely love the art style of this game, but it hurts me so much that it's a tactical RPG because I have no interest in tactical RPGs… Oh well, I might still pick it up if I see it go on sale or something, give it a chance anyway.

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