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  1. This gave the series a chance to make a stealth game but it always follows the stereotype "make sure be stealthy! Uh oh enemy find us so shoot back!" IN EVERY MISSION THAT HAD A CHANCE OF BEING FULL STEALTH

  2. Battlefield 4 puts Call of Duty Ghost to shame

    While Call of Duty Ghost sold more than Battlefield 4

    Call of Duty Ghost puts Battlefield 4 to shame

  3. idk what IGN stands for but im guessing its International Game Network, am i right?
    Also, me who just got both BF4 and CoD: Ghosts for Christmas: 👁👄👁
    Also Also, Nintendo fans who have been getting the same games, (Mario, Kirby, etc), for over 50+ years but still blindly follow Nintendo: 👁👄👁

  4. Mario:Why does everyone hate us. Sonic:GUNS Mario:So we would have to make a COD game for love? Kirby:Yes… Mario:Or (COD FOR SMASH) EVERYONE EVER:YEEEAAAHHHHHHHHH

  5. Did he seriously complain that the campaign took him about 10 hours? I think it's because the story WAS MADE LIKE A MASTERPIECE WITH AN INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF F***ING CONTENT!!! Sorry for the rant but seriously, this campaign was probably the best I've ever played.

  6. "The bots are especially challenging.. behaving more like human players than any other bots i have played with before"
    *at least an entire team of bots camping with knives*

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