1. Strike-N-Spray https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNPqdVVpyj4


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  1. I'm here to evaluate.
    Pioneer… recipe for an accident. The problem with guns that have multi functions, is that in an emergency you are required to remember which (bullet, flare, pepper spray, etc.) Yeah, easy… NOT! Emergency situations are seldom panic free. Even trained people get tunnel vision in a stressful situation. This is the same reason police tazers are made different than their gun… and still have killed by accident.

  2. I'm here to evaluate:
    Burks belt buckle: make sure you don't actually need a belt buckle. This is to be used as a weapon or a belt but not both. Pants around your ankles make you vulnerable, even with a knife.

  3. I'm here to evaluate:
    Glock 17 paintball gun. Self defense laws will get you killed, and paint won't save you. #1 rule= Never pull a gun unless you intend to use it. This fake gun serves no purpose and WILL NOT de-escalate any situation. With this fake weapon you are left with…
    1. A reason to be killed.
    2. A reason your killer will walk after trial.
    3. You will be charged, Assault with a deadly weapon, even after proving it was a paintball gun.
    4. Again, defenseless. YOU are creating a fight or flight situation… think about the mindset of someone who is already attacking… they are already committed to no flight. A fake gun DOESN'T DE-ESCALATE!!!

  4. I'm here to evaluate:
    Provoke compact:
    I am trained in knife fighting, but moreso… how to defend against someone armed with a knife.
    This weapon makes you vulnerable. There are 4 ways to attack with a knife. Even though throwing your knives is still the dumbest way… the next most vulnerable is holding your blade upside down. This limits the other 3 ways to use the knife, as slashing, and lunging is limited. This means you are left with stabbing…
    No only are your options limited to the worst option due to every stab is telegrahed… Tip: this blade will always go in the direction of the elbow… ALWAYS.
    But also… the blade is backwards. Which means the natural stabbing motion will pull… not push. This limits the bad way of holding a knife to awkward mechanics of using the knife.


    The finger hole is supposed to keep the opponent from taking it… but instead!!! It becomes a lever. If I, as the opponent, can grab hold of that weapon with your finger inside… letting go of that lever is something you wish you could do. Never lock your fingers for your opponent. You make yourself a vulnerable puppet.
    Rule: if a blade has a hole… the hole must be the only way to grab it… and short… as the blade itself can be grabbed or caught or snagged. If so… that blade becomes a lever that can rip off your finger.

    Note: if someone is holding you down… we teach to get leverage on the fingers. This blade does it for your opponent.

  5. "A flexible metal claw which you can wear as jewelry".
    Paired with their Dragon Fantasy Flamethrower Belt Buckle (which can be used as a cigarette lighter) you're ready for a night out on the town!

  6. Because having a paintball gun that looks exactly like a real gun is a great idea especially whenever someone else could have a legitimate gun nearby and say a cop sees you waving that thing around

  7. 1) or get a real gun 2) put a gun in the bag 3) Guns fire projectiles more easily and more effectively 4) people are generally immobilized when you shoot them (and can be a lot cheaper damn) 5) you could put a gun on that belt (is stabbing someone to death really better?) 6) why don't you just get a real glock? don't bring a toy to a gun fight (for that price I might get one to play in the yard with tho) 7) pretty sure these are just brass knuckles made of plastic sooo… yeah just get a gun 8) do you really want to learn how to use a Karambit? Bla bla knife to gun fight, get a gun 8) Switch blade? see #7 9) umm… see #8 save for the fact that this is way less effective and awkward looking, but a gun isn't 10) you really gonna wear cosplay all day? just get a gun.

    Okay, but for real though most of these things look cool but are either not very effective, or just as illegal as a gun in some places. For instance the Switch blade is illegal in a lot of places , especially when concealing one (lots of places have outlawed concealed weapons of any kind including knives without a permit). If you don't want a gun because you don't want to shoot someone, is attacking them with a knife really any better? Best defense weapon is always a gun, anyone can use it, it is effective, it is ranged, it is concealable, it is the ultimate protector for all. It is the great equalizer.

  8. The Glock paintball gun is illegal in the US because it doesn't have a plastic orange barrel tip and yet is not a real gun. Though I suppose that if you had a license to carry a real one and had this one instead, the cops don't have to know it isn't real.

  9. Carrying some of these "Concealed Weapons" can put you in jail for life without hurting anybody, faster than carrying a full size assault rifle and shooting 3 people dead in a riot can, in the U.S.

    In the U.S. things are upside down.

    The larger abd deadlier the weapon, the more legal it is.

    The smaller and possibly less deadly, carry the heaviest legal punishments.

  10. Dragon fantasy finger blade?? Stinger wrist darts?? A plastic pokey- punchy thing looks like a windshield ice scraper?? I've seen some stupid shit that will get you killed but these are some winners!!! The bolo thingy for $1600?? Knives??? Unless you are trained, a knife is probably the worst self defense weapon you can carry. The 3A baxk pack probably the only really useful item– IMO buy a glock or a S&W and learn self defense and tactical shhoting. Or carry pepper foam. Jesus!! Wrist darts!! WTF are you?? – The Monarch??

  11. The only thing these weapons defend is the pockets of the manufacturers and vendors πŸ’°. Those that buy them are part of that elite group of people born every minute…🍭

  12. Other than the bolo and the backpack (tested, not certified – a very distinct difference) most of this stuff is likely to just get you hurt or killed through a false sense of security. The fake glock will get you shot, as it's not likely to be very accurate ballistically, and thus will just piss off an attacker turning a robbery into a murder.
    And knives – if you aren't trained, just don't. Chances are your assailant has more practice, and you'll end up as hamburger. Run like hell instead.
    That bolo though, yeah that's something I'd like to see in person. Could be a real lifesaver if the baddie doesn't have a firearm.

    Really though, self-defense is serious business. If you are unwilling or unable to carry a gun, get real training by an accredited expert. Beware of fake 'self-defense schools'; do your due diligence in selecting a trainer. If you do carry a gun, get professional training also.
    Gimmicks and gadgets look cool and always work in the movies, but most are really useless when the adrenalin is hammering in your veins. Training and practice are the only way. This applies to firearms also, and in a big way. If you carry, remember that you are responsible for every round you fire, and missing your intended target does not mean you have missed all potential targets.
    Never ever ever ever carry cash. You can turn off your plastic with just a phone call, but cash, once taken from you is gone forever.

  13. Close range selfdefence weapons are basically worthless unless you are a highly skilled fighter. Get effective range weapons, or non-lethal weapons if you are a fast runner.

  14. Great video πŸ€™ keep β€˜em coming ! Lol I just ordered 2 knives thanks to you n video πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ™ŒπŸ» will use at firehouse and let you know ✌🏻

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