Top 5 Camera Drones $299 or less

Top 5 Camera Drones $299 or less

These are the 5 best Camera Drones for $299 or less. Links to everything mentioned in the video can be found below: -DJI Mini SE DRONE: -AMAZON Store …


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  1. Love the video, as always! I picked up a 4DRC M1 Pro "6k", as my learning drone, last year. Have you ever flown one? I know it's basically the Mark 300, that you reviewed long ago, but, it's a really solid starter Drone. Just wondering if it was considered. Keep up the good work, Brother!

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  3. Hey Captain Drone, I’m in the market for a drone for my Instagram page to help me promote my lawn. I’m looking for a drone that is for beginners, I’ve never flown anything just owned R/c cars & Trucks in the 80’a and 90’s. I would like to find a dron that takes great pictures, follow me, GPS, I like to have all the bells and whistles but I want to keep my budget under $400 or little over if not. Can you please help there are so many options

    Can I keep my batteries in good condition by starting the motors only without actually flying the drone? Or will it overheat?
    Thank you.

  5. No bullshitting, straight away to point, link and model already stated in description. Best youtuber for me. 😀

    Also simple info enough to help beginner.

  6. Can you please answer 1 important (to me and others interested in buying the F11s 4K Drone – The range is stated at 1.7 miles …But, does the drone give you 1.7 miles on a 4G cell phone or, dose it have to be flown with a 5G cell phone to reach that 1.7 miles ??? This is a very important question that I will base my purchasse upon your answer….as Im sure many others do not know the true answer. Thanks! love your channel it helped influence my 1st drone purchasse.

  7. I would like to thank you Captain Drone!

    I came here hoping to find my first drone at or around $300 or less ($200-$400 was my range). I've been doing some research for a few days and found (was eyeballing) the mavic mini. Then I saw this video and figured, "oh I'll get the newer SE". Then I watched the whole SE review and was like, "well I guess I'll get the mini 2".

    Money was of decent concern, but I almost knew coming into this anything around the $0-150~200 mark would probably be a pretty crappy 'toy', and my primary purpose for seeking my introduction to "droning" is to capture awesome video and or pictures; and so I just knew a 'toy' would not make me happy.

    I did fight myself a little on whether to just go with the SE (for $299) or the mini 2 (for $450). It then looked like an SE with a "fly more" bundle would be somewhere around $400/450, which I noticed was the mini 2 (by itself). Likewise I could add $150 to that and just get a mini 2 fly more, for $599!

    So ultimately, I think the extra $150 from an SE "fly more", or an extra $300 from just the SE is going to be well worth it! It really sold me that the mini 2 has the 4k camera (vs the SE 2.7k), and I really liked the idea that it uses OcuSync 2.0 for that increased distance and reliability! And I could be mistaken but I believe the video bit rate on the SE is only 40mbit/s, as where the mini 2 has a bit rate up to 100 mbit/s (so it should all around produce significantly better video/photos than the SE)!

    So while I initially was hoping to find something in the $200-400 range, I think the mini 2 (fly more), being just $200 higher than that – will be a GREAT first (and maybe last?) Drone for me 😀 and I owe it all to you and these TWO videos of yours!

    Thanks again!!!!!!!

  8. I got my mini se and I’m gonna try to save up for the mavic 3 or 4 I said 4 cause by the time I have money for it there might be a 4th one and if not that then a splash pro drone

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  10. You completely failed to mention RTH. Do you know what that is?
    It's Return To Home. Very important especially for beginners.

  11. Hello Captain Drone. Nice video. Can you make a video of How to bind an Emax Tinyhawk Indoor FPV Quad to a Flysky transmitter? And how to install a Flysky receiver unit on the Tinyhawk Indoor FPV quad?

  12. I remember years ago best you could hope for out of any drone was 20 minutes MAX flight time in perfect conditions. Wonder where next five years takes us

  13. I am guessing that you were (or still are) a teacher because of your excellent communications skills. Either that, or hate to say it, a politician.

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