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  1. It’s honestly such an enjoyable game and is really pretty to look at, some strange moments, like awkwardly listening in on Yu and Kay having a bit of …. Kinky talk …. 😂 but still a very enjoyable game if you fancy just chilling whilst you play rather than leaning forward in your seat sweating bits 😂

  2. Your telling IGN gave FURI a 6/10 but this gets an 8/10 because “relationships yay!” Not that Haven’s review score wasn’t deserved, but I feel like IGN really dropped the ball with the FURI review.

  3. I’m married and my wife and I loved this game! Yu and Kay’s interactions are extremely relatable and we constantly found ourselves laughing and borderline shocked at how similar the issues they deal with on a daily basis related to our own. Definitely a game better enjoyed by couples. Not sure if singles or those who have never been in a long lasting committed relationship will quite understand the charm of this story. Love is a gift for sure. 10/10

  4. Guy kept talking about how repetitive and boring it was and still gave the game an 8???? It's usually backwards. Reviewers praise the game a lot and give a low score. loo

  5. Great casual stress relief. Started it on Sunday while hangover, just to chill. Knowing nothing.
    Funny, nice presentation, nice pace, and the grind is nothing to compare to other rpg games.
    Game finishes before it gets boring. And the amount of dialogue and unique things that can be triggered is huge.
    Well spent two sessions

  6. Rust gathering and picking up food doesn’t really bother me much just because the game is very relaxing to play. Really keeps ya at ease while still progressing in the game.

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