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  1. If you can't take the backlash that comes with an incorrect prediction then don't make freaking predictions instead you make a prediction and add in weasel words to weasel out of responsibility of negative reactions to incorrect prediction.

  2. Why don’t you clowns be honest just for once you got no fucken idea what is happening. And so much for plan bbbbbb bone heads predicting November we just hope you clowns lose more than we do . ( That’s my hopiem )

  3. Giving people advice based on a Market Cipher green dot is a joke. We broke the bull market support bands for Bitcoin. Mini bear market at the very least.

  4. Please don't be afraid to speak out on the plandemic and "conspiracies". If you are alive in 2021 and think CoNSpiRaCiEs are for the crazy's…you're living in your butt.

  5. The haters crying below me….geez…its fluid…we may even retrace the wick down to 42k…boy you're gonna really cry then…it could be a bear…or it could be an extended cycle and this would make sense…you want someone to spoon feed you and hold your hand? your gonna get rekt….take opinions…do your own research…and own your own decisions for crying out loud!

  6. Just like 500K Bitcoin by Sept 2021, which you said one year ago, that's why we won't see a 100K bitcoin this December or January :). And there will be no massive run up…the cycle will get an extension, like Benjamin Cowen said :).

  7. HODL UP guys it's coming from someone who is 54K down in my portfolio trust me it's stressful as heck but if we stick together we will get through this don't Sell

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