This Smartphone is Built Different…

The Fairphone 4 is the most modular, sustainable phone in the world. The FairPhone: Another way to save the planet #teamseas: …


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  1. I checked the website but the phone doesn’t seem upgradable. They introduce new models every year and they don’t sell any upgraded parts. I think the sustainability only comes from repairability and recycling (not upgradability) but it’s not necessarily a phone or (phone line) that you may want to stick with for 5 years. In that sense iPhones make more sense as you will probably stick with iPhone for years, they don’t necessarily change much with every new phone, they give you better value for trade-in, they recycle parts and the repair is much easier. I’m not sure about the repair or recycling programs of android phones so maybe this phone is a good alternative to other android phones in terms of sustainability?

  2. The right to repair. One of the many things that should be allowed PERIOD. If you buy something you OWN it. You should be able to REPAIR IT. End of story. Fairphone has the right idea.

  3. Since it's modular couldn't you replace the screen/camera etc with a better one when it becomes available? 600 for a phone that lasts 10 years is better than 600 for one that lasts 5

  4. If smartphone companies start making us trade in a phone to purchase a phone I’m not gonna buy anymore phones. I use my old phones as extra cameras for my channel, but for most people I’m glad that something sustainable is coming out! Great video 👍

  5. Brilliant! If it wasn't for this video, I wouldn't even know about this brand. I don't care for Apple, Samsung, Google etc. I wanted to actively avoid them for my next phone, and now I have my alternative.

  6. Why are you saying "upgrade" parts? Getting a new battery, camera or USB-C port wouldn't really be an upgrade. It would just be a replacement/lateral move. I don't recall hearing or reading about how they'll come out with better batteries, cameras, speakers, etc. that easily pop in place of the inferior one.

  7. The problem is not that the big manufacturers don't make phones repairable. The problem is that they're actively trying to make phones NOT repairable.

  8. I watched Zack's video and I really am intrigued by this. This really needs to have flagship parts and even the design. For example, the bezels are just unforgivable in my opinion.

    Fairphone can knock it out of the park if they can do this.

  9. Shows that phones can easily come with better high speed chargers and then plead with consumers to return their older ones for recycling than expect you to buy new ones because they know that older ones already broke…

  10. I also think it's worth mentioning (when comparing it to the pixel 6 around the 6:00 minute mark) that it's build like a tank in comparison. I'd be way less worried about dropping the fairphone than the pixel…

  11. Seriously no one gives a pigs ar$e! I have been using smartphones for more than a decade and I have only broken a display once on a Nexus 5. Thats it. I can always send the dinosaurs for recycling. This is a below average phone in performance and capability and stuff like camera, screen quality are strictly below below average. Far too many compromises to be honest and its not cheap either.

    Android is the worst offender with fragmented updates and even 2021 phones getting "only" 3 version upgrades. What is the excuse?

  12. I don't think this is the best way for this concept

    a better way is just making the phone really, really easy to repair by a pro. make the parts openly available to anyone and make detailed official guides showing how to do things. DIY people and tech enthusiasts could and would still perform the repairs by themselves but everyone else would probably take their phones into a shop for a quick and cheap 5-10 minute repair. they could even buy and bring the parts themselves and just pay for labor. that way you don't have to make too many compromises like this phone does

  13. This is really practical.just needs a up in design and it will be a kicker tho .would be nice if some bigger manufacturers think about that atleast for some parts as you said they show that the bigger companies can be sustainable its brilliant that you can send back your old device to them

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