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  1. So instead of putting something small and "valuable" in your vehicle, the owners of the product are shown securing that " valuable item" in the open bed of a truck??? Great marketing idea you Morons!!!

  2. For the Hitchmate, wouldn't it be simpler, easier, and more timely to place small objects in the vehicle cab rather than placing it in the cargo area? Seems pretty useless to me.

  3. Just about all of this stuff is crap. For every problem they try to solve there already is a solution, simple and cheap. They are just trying to sell another consumer item to people who are too lazy to think for themselves. This is sad.

  4. Don't forget that the "Quick Snap" will be illegal to use if you are driving with them installed on the front windows. I believe I am correct in saying that there must be a minium of 70% of light passing through all front windows. If I'm wrong, I apologise, but just be aware.

  5. Lol
    That under car washer is a joke,
    That 10 lbs of water pressure is going to do absolutely nothing whatsoever to clean any underside of a vehicle.
    You will need a 4000 psi pressure washer with a roll bot
    Lol this garbage is laughable

  6. Unless you have a flat or leaking tyre, what moron checks tyre pressures in the middle of the night.
    That little tyre pump. How long do you think it takes to inflate an 18" tyre. My twin cylinder inbuilt car compressor takes around 12 minutes to pump from 16 to 40 psi.
    Most of these gimmicks are for numptys to waste their money on.

  7. Most of this is useless cheaply made junk as well as WAY overpriced and available from other companies of good quality at prices that are half listed!!

  8. My Peugeot came standard with rear shades for the side windows and rear window, just pull them up or lift and let them down even a child of three could do it with no problems :), car companies can have all these extras on a car from standard if they weren't so greedy and actually cared for the Customer and not their Shareholders 🙂

  9. If the driver of the car hits the gutter all the time it won't matter what you attach to the wheels, they will still hit the gutter, driving lessons would be cheaper or a nice little camera that shows the side of the car facing the gutter so she can see how close she is to the gutter and therefore no longer will hit it.
    We have reversing cameras but never a side camera for parking, I am a great parker, but even I would use a side camera as it would make reverse parking between two cars so much easier and allow you to be closer to the gutter with out hitting it.

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