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The Houston Outlaws re-enter the Overwatch League Power Rankings despite sitting at 1-3 in Stage 3. ✓ Subscribe to ESPN on …


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  1. Hand eye coordination. Just on a keyboard + mouse instead of a ball in a hole. Aren't golf, bowling, darts, archery, curling all considered sports? ESPN hosts a damn spelling bee and guys driving in circles for 3 hours. Why does a team based first person shooter game come off so offensive to sports "purists"? It's hand eye coordination and team work but done via a video game. Name a sport where either hand eye coordination or team work isn't a major foundation / fundamental in their discipline.

  2. it's a sport because it requires SKILL and COMPETITION. but I would just refer to them as gamers. the reason ESPN sponsors them is to get moneh off them just like they get money off wwe

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