Today I am going to talk about Bitcoin and talk about a few L1s and TVLs and discuss what altcoin project may be a hidden gem.


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  2. I was lucky enough to get in November 2020, but everyone else who bought later this year and didn’t take profits u just continue to lead them to the slaughterhouse

  3. Good luck out there everyone! I hope you freaking kill it in 2022! Urus and the Aurox teminal/lending platform I think might melt some faces soon. CEX listings/announcements due potentially before Jan 1st!

  4. If it's not Kadena or Flux….I don't want it.

    Solana, Ada, Eth, Avax, will all break because they can't scale. Their chains become overloaded with transactions, then they bottleneck and raise gas fees. What a joke.

  5. CryptosRUs @CryptosRUs you are seeing the situation in Turkey totally wrong. That cryptocurrency bill includes forbiding to transfer crypto from exchanges to private wallets… Turkish authoritiries are insisting on lowering interest rates. Economy is not collapsing, they decided capitulation on Turkish Lira. This not actually a “New Economic Model”. They will just give people who have TRY on banks some interest according to losing value against USD in the end of the year. You can get that small interest only once. We dont know what are they trying to do but only reason is lowering interests.

  6. Hey George, do we know if that Turkish crypto bill is going to be good or bad? I did some translation of some of the announcement and it doesn't really reveal anything positive or negative from what I saw. It seems like some people are taking a neutral announcement and turning it into hopium.

  7. "Decentralized Dex" 🤦‍♂️ no idea about SOS while it's been everywhere way over 24hrs.. he's always late or clueless about defi.. but he sure is btc diamond hand ill give him that

  8. ECOMI is going to crrrrrrussshhhhh 2022. prove me wrong. i didn't think so. i have about 10 major reasons off the top of the head. People jumping on projects late in the game. ECOMI is at the stage amazon was after the book sales leveled it up

  9. Fantom? George, in July i didn't follow your 50/25/25 rule, i allocated 90% of my portfolio to FTM at 0.16$, rode it to 3$ and sold everything. It has already made it's huge pumps, now you're looking at a 3x from here at best. Not worth it in my opinion, much better gains to be had from other lower caps.

  10. Countries like Turkey, who are under essentially a dictatorship, joining crypto is not a good thing. It will give it a bad name and give America more ammunition to bring in stricter regs or move away from it entirely

  11. Cryptocurrency holders constantly keep their hand on the button waiting for the right moment to buy. LUNA and SOLANA have already replenished my wallet. In addition to the volatile cryptocurrency, I also necessarily have USDT reserves, my operations on the crypto exchange rarely do without this cryptocurrency.

  12. George, please stop saying everyday how such and such token has gone up thousands of %. What about talking about those who bought at the top and don’t see the end of the tunnel ? Maybe, change subjects and innovate. Would be well appreciated. Thanks

  13. It's not about glass half empty, more about a big amount of people started their journey at 60k+ and then watching their money disappear 😃 but it guess just hold and hope

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