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About the Author: Jason Pizzino


  1. Crypto Info Incoming. I Have learned a lot good and not so good things in here. Now its my turn to give something back to the community. We all see the strength and price movement, Solana, Avax and Luna have taken, But isn't the real Alpha in the the biggest fear, and lowest price combined with the best fundamentals? We have all made a lot of money on the 3 horsemen, but if you dared to look outside the box , you would know ADA and DOT still have the best fundamentals and security. The script will turn again, and the introvert nerd AKA ADA/DOT (Bill, Elon) will win in the end, hype is important but fundamentals(Product) almost always wins in markets like these;-) ADA and DOT have been bear for months, now we will soon see what the next generation of entrepreneurs really can do on a secure, decentralized and scalable chain. ADA and DOT will be huge and probably the biggest contenders. GG guys hope you all win what you seek…

  2. I looked at your video titles over the last 10 days or so. Rally! About to take off! Explode! Explode! ATH! Bitcoin to rally and take off!

    Bit strange then that you seem to be boasting about how you predicted the crash?

  3. Charts are great for telling you what has already happened but as we can tell from every YouTuber this year they're absolutely no good at telling you what is going to happen.

  4. Basically what we have to do is get above the bull market support band(53K), come back down and test it as support, and Then we can start looking high highs.

  5. Glad you’re back. Even though I think that the Wyckoff schematic is too tricky for me in this market I am enjoying the analysis.

    Wish I could like the video but ICP is still down. But one day I’ll be able to join the 5% likes

  6. I'm unsubscribing. Sorry, I used to like those videos but I'm sick of being clickbaited with stupid stuff like "wyckoff", it's like following bitboy crypto or something. Good luck though, I hope to return later!

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