The BEST Quest 2 Games Available NOW

The BEST Quest 2 Games Available NOW

Here are my top picks of the best VR games available for the Quest 2. These are the best Quest 2 games available now. As Gorilla …


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  1. Good list but I really think Puzzling Places deserved a spot on there over some of the games mentioned; it's a very innovative and unique 3D puzzle game with beautiful graphics, a relaxing vibe and a really well done sound design.

  2. I really hate the term "must own". I much prefer the term "must play". I guess it should be ok to play the game on a friend's headset. Must own also sounds as if it will go on the evergrowing pile of games in the backlog, never to be played.

  3. I kept trying to get into Comsmodread but I just couldn't. Every time you die you have to start over again. I got sick of doing the same thing over and over again. Why is there no save on this game?

  4. Great List. Love your content man! Got any game ideas for someone who doesn’t like horror and likes action/ puzzle/sports?

  5. Don’t take your quest outside in the sun. It will damage it. If it is overcast you’re probably fine at the local basketball court, but any direct sun can damage the unit through the exterior lenses.

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