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  1. Differently abled people are no different in a society made for the abled these amazing people adapt and are the beautiful capable people you see every day☺️❤️

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  3. Fantastic video.
    I am also partially sighted
    And YouTube content creator
    Today I also have created the video on same topic.
    My channel name is
    sharing my thoughts


  4. Thank you for sharing; I used your video to demonstrate to sighted folks in my network on how we as print disabled use technology with the help of screen readers. They were very impressed and now aware. One feedback I got from a group member who is visually impaired is as follows; you might want to consider it if you make another awareness video.

    Feedback: if I may make a suggestion? If your going to create a video on how blind people use an iPhone, slow the speech rate down so people who are not blind can understand the speech. People who are not blind do not understand speech at high rates. even those who are totally blind can’t understand speech at higher rates if they haven’t been blind all that long. it takes years to become accustomed to hire speech rates and some never get a custom to it.

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