Huawei is BACK…

Huawei is finally back in the studio with some new products in new categories. Which of these two monitors would you choose …


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  1. I have the 28" model because I've found it's aspect ratio to be good for work, allows lots of windows to be open. It's a very good monitor and high quality.

  2. A monitor having a built in microphone from a company that we know has products that constantly contact servers and phone home in another country? 🤔 not sure about that. If it didn’t have built in microphones then the 4:3 is a compelling option.

  3. how is the ultra wide screen not the more productivity oriented screen? it's clearly made for productivity, more screen real-estate which is gives you more space to multi-task, a very important part of being productive on a screen, the 16:9 screen in my opinion is more of the standard Media consumption screen.
    I also hate the question at the start xD, what screen would you have if you could only choose one, I have a dual screen setup since I'm 15, back then it was two big ass CRT's, I can't even imagine only using one screen, unless it has more than 21:9 aspect ratio.

  4. More Chinese communist bullshit so how much do they pay you or what do they give you to promote this communistic bullshit

  5. After purchasing 43" 4k Dell monitor several years ago, I won't go back to smaller monitor. When 8k becomes more prominent I will likely go even larger with wider curved monitor taking up full width of my desk

  6. Huawei really making a great product since wayyyy back then..very realiable too…it just their government agenda is sneaky..well not only china gov but almost all of the gov body in the world have their own political agenda 🤷🏻..but yeah very unfortunate for huawei….love their product

  7. Neither one there are many better options out there for the same price point plus Huawei shouldn't have any products in America considering that product is a direct manufacturing of the Communist Party of China

  8. I would rather get a analog display from my below privileged school from the 90s than anything from huawei might as well just send the ccp my phone and all my information

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