5 Amazing Gadgets from Rs. X – Top Tech

5 Amazing Gadgets from Rs. X -  Top Tech

Top Tech under 500 |1000| 2000 , Tech Under 500, cool tech 1000, Top Tech from amazon India | gadgets under 1000 | New …


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  2. Shan, I am small content creator and my smartphone and laptop not having type c port ( My smartphone has micro usb) so how can I use your suggested wireless mic? Please guide me also the link take me to website where it will be shipped from china is this product not available in India or Indian website?

  3. After so many days I am getting time to watch your videos , now line by line i am watching all your videos . Computer specs and cordless mic are best .

    Shan can u please recommend good headphone for work from guys , we need to talk a lot nowadays via our normal microphone. An affordable headphone with a mic will be much better

  4. wow.. Nice gadgets.. being a software engineer.. I like that wireless mic. thank you so much.. . I just want to know whether it will work for zoom calls when attached this mic along with normal bluetooth headphones..becoz mic from my headphones are not that great..

  5. In my calendar I usually reads SHANDAY instead of SUNDAY..
    LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SIR..โคโคโคโค

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