Bitcoin Market Cycles (Lengthening Cycles)

Bitcoin Market Cycles (Lengthening Cycles)

I think we are due for an update on market cycle theory with regards to #Bitcoin. Now that 2021 has come to pass, what will …


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  1. Love the channel and you Ben. Makes me sad that you’re not reading this or responding and that a bot is but ….I just would point out that five x ten x for btc is a lotttt harder when we are springing from 40k than from 3k. Eventually there’s just not enough market cap to push that’s why I think these calls for btc 200-500k are just so out of the realm of possibility for the foreseeable future. Let’s see 100k first

  2. I am beginning to question the idea of market cycles going forward. Maybe we have move past market cycles as the tech begins to go mainstream.

  3. Love your TA as always Ben.
    One wild card is potential approval of one of the spot ETFs coming up in Feb and March.

  4. 2-3 weeks still in this accumulation phase (39k-45.5k), on the first half of February 2022 the "Spring" phase, the trend reversal will take place. In May 2022 the btc price will go up from 60k to 70-80k. Blow off top most likely in September 2022.

  5. If you say btc will go higher 2023, then you should also admit that we are in a bear market right now. BTC has never spent 3 consecutive years in a bull market to have a ath. At that point, 2023, we will be in a new cycle already. It is not the continious of the 2021 bull market. If you say so, then 2021 is the continous of the bull market of 2017, lol.

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