It's Finally Here… My Tesla Model S Plaid

My Tesla Model S Plaid has arrived. What a time to be alive. Thanks to Insta360 for sponsoring this video. Clink the link for 5% off …


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  1. Also as the battery pack engineer i must warn you about sudden accelerations. You will drop the life of the battery and generators significantly.

  2. Hey Lou. You’re a little late to the party and club but we’re happy to have you bro. Hope you sold that rubbish Taycan 🤭. Enjoy!

  3. Cars are getting more sophisticated with technological stuffs these days, I'm wondering how they're going to hold up in the long run with all this stuffs

  4. Very nice spec… that blue on black looks very nice, white interior looks nice but I would never… Not a big Tesla fan I gotta say, but yours is looking good… would get rid of the yoke though, such a stupid thing.

  5. Everything sounds good, but that steering wheel is a deal breaker. Why in the world would they design it like that. The top of the wheel is like the most used part of thr entire steering wheel. Now you can't even use it normally. Terrible design on that part

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