Terence McKenna Metaverse Interview (Virtual Reality)

Terence McKenna Metaverse Interview (Virtual Reality)

At the dawn of the virtual reality movement, Terence McKenna gave an interview about the future possibilities of digital worlds.


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  1. "The moment has now come to bring in the playwrights, the artists, the deisgners, the architects…people in the arts both need to be informed that this is going on and they have to bring their insights into this community, otherwise…we're in danger of seeing it just turn into 3-dimensional computer games" This is what oculus and facebook have (purposefully?) missed, it's not a game and a place to have enhanced versions of real life interactions. It's literally a blank canvas for the imagination. Artists and dreamers are the ones who should be architecting the interface and dynamics of the metaverse, not technologists and more importantly not capitalists.

  2. What do you feel? Today in 2022, do you think that virtual reality became « a force for our dehumanisation » or the catalyst for a psychedelic consciousness expansion as Terrence saw it?
    Are we collectively going thru a badtrip or not?

  3. Please don’t compare the utopian vision of a thinker like McKenna to the fucking Metaverse, a dystopian development if I’ve ever seen one. Zuckerberg wants us to have no choice but to work, socialize— engage in every aspect of our lives, through their platform while they record everything & co-operate with the NSA/CIA/etc. & profit off selling out data & destroying privacy & eliminating face to face, in person human interaction. McKenna wanted to bring humanity together through technologies that would actually be pro-humanity, healthy, socially beneficial… Even to the extent that there are some cool features on the fringes of this proposed “Metaverse” nonsense, as long as it is under the control of private capitalists who will use it for the same nefarious, exploitative, coercive purposes, profit-over-human-wellbeing purposes they always do, it will be nothing other than a The Matrix-like mechanism of control. Terrence McKenna was interested in technology— he wasn’t one of these venture capitalist tech bro CEOs, & he would’ve been horrified by what they’ve been doing since the time of his passing. -_-

  4. 4:49 Why is the term virtual reality used both for reality that comes from biological forms (shamans, psychodelic plants, the brain, the senses) and for reality that comes from technology, even though it is created by biological form as humans?

  5. Hey, thank you for continually uploading these videos for so long, and with such effort. I'm certain Terrence would be very happy to see sources like this on the web.

  6. Am I the only pearson who had to pause this video evry 5-7 odd seconds to digest and agree/disagree with every statement he made made so casually, whilst backing it up with social/academic proof… ?

  7. Addiction and Mental health treatment providers are denying resources like this. I am in support. Know the best. Look at opening minded people to help guide you instead. Thank You for such an incredible share ✨🙏🏼💫

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