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  1. Can we decide what height it flies?? Like near the ceiling?

    PS: (Days later) Having received a like (thanks) I got to see my comment again. And then it occured to me that to set its path, you have to hold the camera in your hand and 'walk it' through the house everywhere you want it to go later while on patrol, then continue back to the base and deposit it in its craddle. As you walk it around by hand, it memorizes all that it sees: walls, ceilings, floors… That means that during the 'walktrough', all you have to do is keep it near the ceiling at all times. It'll do that on its own when patrolling…

    FUN FACT: That also means that if walk it around while doing spirals and/or ups-and-downs, slowdowns and/or speedups and sudden stops etc., it'll do it by itself also during patrol. I'd like to see the face of the burglar then…
    FUN FICTION: Also, like my own security cameras, if you could talk to the intruder, I would use choice phrases in a monotone, like: "WARNING! If there is movement, this device will explode in 10 seconds…"
    So if I'm the bad guy, do I freeze or do I run??

  2. Honestly my doorbell works less and less well I can imagine this thing being crap out the box. I'll wait for the 3rd or 4th generation if it makes it that far

  3. Just me? The way this guy says “Always” sounds like oweeys. He should slow that word down. Anyone else? Or is my ear screwed up?

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