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  1. Rubbish game . Over the top hard and literally just kills you over and over with out warning it basically requires no skill , only luck. Also the whole game has a depressing vibe about it . 3/10

  2. Game runs fine on a x pro isn’t really all that powerful that’s why it struggles love to see how the game runs on a ps5 or sx but thanks to scalpers I’ll have to wait playing it thanks to game pass such a cool game

  3. this is weird but im curious to know is it possible to shoot friendly npc's in this game if so what happens ive been playing the game for a while but im curious to know what happens if you try to shoot an ally and im too worried about regretting it to try it out myself

  4. games/experiences like this are rare… beautifully crafted, immersive world, creative story, and engaging combat. glad to hear they're expanding on this universe. personal opinion 9.5/10

  5. Found this on Xbox game pass and wow, it is awesome. Intriguing story and great mechanics, one of the best games I’ve played in sometime.

  6. It didn’t hitch up on the Xbox One X. If you’re going to review gpu and cpu heavy games in the future I’d say you’d be best to do so on the most powerful system available at the time.

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