Top 5 Best Advanced Motorcycle Helmets for Every Smart Rider

Top 5 Best Advanced Motorcycle Helmets for Every Smart Rider – if you ride a motorcycle,road bike,mountain bike,dirt bike,ebike …


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  1. The ambient mode for external hearing doesn't work worth shit because they put the mic in the back of the unit and not on the side or the front. It's a great but you have to turn your back on your buddies if you want to hear them. I know a lot of owners have complained about this easy fix but SENA isn't listening.

  2. Obviously, credibility is not what you’re looking for in presenting your YT channel. Sena’s helmet is junk. The fact that all you did was barf marketing propaganda, without actually researching people’s experience with the POS helmet, says all one needs to know about this video. Stopped it about 2 minutes into the Sean clickbait.

  3. Wow I used to ride motor bike years ago and I never thought I’d ever see the day where a helmet has so much sophistication all theses features amazing

  4. Five motorcycle helmets or is it four and run out of ideas.
    Producer:- shit we run out of ideas.

    Coffee runner:- why not put a snowboarding helmet nobody can use on a motorcycle.

    Producer :- Welcome to the production team.

    What moron thought this list up, especially the number one helmet!!!???

  5. IC-R Helmet still currently in development but getting closer to production, I'm hearing hearing rumours that Skully Technologies was having production issues in Decemberof 2019 and their website appears to be down. Skully Technologies took over from the original Skully company that had gone belly up in 2016. The issue with Skully's AR Fenix helmet was that it was only truly compatible with spotify music and if you used ITUNES or Googleplay you would lose the voice functiionality when you asked Skully to check the time and the navigation instructions wouldn't mute the music properly They also weren't using a true heads up display. The visual area of their display was too small and was rendered almost useless in bright sunlight. Hopefully IC-R can make their software compatible with all the main music providers out their. The downfall of most of these smart helmets has been the apps which must have a high level of functionality.

  6. Because a distracted rider is a stupid rider. who in their right riding mind multi-tasks while riding. Youre supposed to be looking at the road, not small screens inside the faceshield.

  7. "Advanced" would mean REAL protection. No “helmet review” involves the Primary Function of a helmet; Brain Protection. Including this one. Why? Why are there no Impact Test results posted for comparison? Answering these two questions can initiate credibility. Until then, all these reviews are personal opinion. Information from unreliable sources with questionable intelligence and knowledge.

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