URGENT! Bitcoin Just Crashed! Why I’m Selling Crypto

URGENT! Bitcoin Just Crashed! Why I’m Selling Crypto

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  2. Who buys these pollution coins – as that is what they are. There are data centres pushing out billions of tons of CO2 just to produce one of these so called bit coins. In the UK it is the equivalent of 6 months use of household electricity. They are a disgrace and anyone who cares about our planet should not hold them. How the hell in these times of global warming has someone manged to produce an energy token. It is rubbish to say renewable energy is used to make them. Switch that renewable energy to the national grids and put it to good use. What a folly these things are. Please rename them to global warming coins.

  3. Bought most of my crypto during late 2018. Today I started to DCA into alts again for the first time since 2018. This is not a time to be selling, it is time to start accumulating via DCA. Stop worrying about the short term and think about long term trends people!

  4. The whole video is telling us if we would have paid him we would have known this was going to happen and we should probably be paying his brother too. It must be nice to have a crypto channel on YouTube so no matter what the market does you make big time money, ever wonder how they're always able to have 20 or 30% dry powder on the side even after they buy with their 20 or 30% their magic YouTube powder keg is filled right back up immediately.

  5. BTC going up 5% and then down 4% and up and down everyday,couse Wallstreet punming in 100 off millions usd every day . in profits, retailers are paying the price of that, and wallstreet are having a blast from retailers losses,retailers need to STOP selling,worst thing that ever could happend was when wallstreet got into crypto

  6. I admire your positivity if genuine however I’ve been saying since September that we’re in a bearish market but you, like all the other crypto YouTubers keep trying to claim we’re still bullish!

    You can read any chart you like, micro analyse data from 1850 to the present, talk support levels but here’s the best knowledge anyone can have..
    if it sounds like a duck and looks like a duck then guess what.. it’s a duck!
    The crypto market is dead for the foreseeable future. All that anyone should have been doing since September is holding their position and buying the dips. Don’t sell your bag as that’s all it ever is in any market, shake out the weak hands and then buy it cheap and let it pump.
    Rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
    That’s all you YouTubers need to say.
    Stop click bait, stop the hype and understand you’re potentially destroying peoples lives just so you can get paid or be relevant on social media.

  7. I bought in to Crypto in March after reading the loony tunes Fed and Biden economic plan endorsed printing money like the Germans did before WW1. This not a surprise and will likely get much worse given Fed caused inflation. That’s my approach and I’m in with a 3year goal. So far I haven’t been let down yet. Ps. I don’t play margins or specs.

  8. Great video Jason, got me with title nearly had a heart attack. 🙂 loved how you explained buying and selling points and how much and when you buy and sell and why👍 somthing I hope to get better @. Have started plan but sell points hardest to work out always hold too long😭😀

  9. so glad i've found your channel through the hilarious Simp podcast 🙂 it is by far the most hopium-free and well articulated crypto information channel by far. thanks Jason!

  10. Meh. I'm gonna just hold. The overall market is in bad shape, so be it…we / crypto gets eventually out of this. Not thinking on selling, not at these levels. No sir

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