What Does PlayStation Look Like Without Call of Duty? – Beyond 732

What Does PlayStation Look Like Without Call of Duty? - Beyond 732

On this week’s episode of Podcast Beyond, IGN’s PlayStation Podcast, host Jonathon Dornbush is joined by Jada Griffin, Mark …


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  1. Can someone point me in the John Davidson Op Ed relating to the Netflixificstion of games please?

    This is something that greatly concerns me in terms of the quality of games in the long term and game preservation.

  2. Just to speak to the strength of Spiderman here as well. I am basically an xbox-only gamer. I had never owned a Playstation in my life. Yet, I bought one in 2018 SOLELY for Spiderman, and it's pretty much the ONLY reason I'll keep buying Playstations. So I'm effectively paying ~$600+ to play 1-2 spiderman games per generation. Kinda sucks for me and I'm salty about it, but it is no doubt their most valuable IP (at least to me).

  3. This is all just a reaction to all those years when the Ponies were insufferable about having the more powerful system, and then exclusives, exclusives, exclusives. Xbox learned their lesson…..they will never be less powerful and never have less exclusives than Sony ever again. Sony sold so well during the last gen because it became the casual system for most…..the COD, FIFA, and Madden system….something that the 360 was in the gen before. With the Series S, having COD in game pass, EA play in game pass ultimate, Xbox is aiming to be the casual king again. Sony will always be big, but I see their future being more niche like Nintendo, but with a bigger fanbase. And, that is fine. To play everything, you will just need to own all 3 like you already need to. What is so cool about Microsoft's strategy is that you may only need to own 2, and then play game pass on any other device you have.

  4. I’m primarily a Sony guy that does dabble in Xbox, but I think MS is attempting to scoop these companies up before these tech companies buy them up. I don’t trust Amazon, Google, and Facebook. I’m afraid if one of those companies buy publishers, they would do things like make mobile games and force metaverse and NFT crap in our industry

  5. Just for the people who think COD won’t be exclusive eventually for the Xbox an pc are blind fools after all contracts that Sony has with Activision expire it’s game over for Sony so they either start making moves now or they’re fucked.

  6. Many sony owners own Fifa and COD and thats it. They play nothing else. If COD goes to gamepass, they would all migrate to xbox. And it would be xbox 360 vs ps3 all over again. Factor in, the elder scrolls 6 , as an xbox exclusive and it is game over. Microsoft will become the Netflix of popular multiplat games. Sony is stuck in the old days of $60 + hype, the PS4 days are gone

  7. This is one of the most pointless panel discussions I've seen on this topic… I've never seen such a case of head-in-the-sand; I doubt that they actually think this, but are instead trying to bolster the community; but even just from the loss of income (which Sony was getting off of CoD) is huge. Not only that, the instant dislocation of an enormous player-base…. and the best they came up with was skins for free-to-play? Also hate to break it to you – but Warzone and all those other free-to-play games are ALSO on XB.

    People don't just want an FPS, they wanted CoD for the huge player base, and the annualised content (the ironic thing is that they may actually lose the content now that it's an exclusive). Also, I can't believe you don't understand that games take a LOT of people to make…. you don't just turn a switch and out pops a new game. That's why acquisition is so important -but also Sony doesn't have the deep pockets to just buy out a huge publisher. The real threat to Sony is that MS buys SquareEnix to establish its Japanese dev cred. Sony is very quickly running out of high-grossing games to actually put on it's box – and as much as people don't understand it, Sony can't survive on their first party exclusives only – they aren't Nintendo.

  8. Sony has to make huge changes. How are you going to convince an FPS fan to stick around at this point? Tell them there will be a new FPS franchise coming soon that they can buy for $70? Or they can get gamepass and play Halo, CoD, Quake, Doom, Wolfenstein, Prey, every FTP shooter. Even Rainbox Six Extraction was day and date on gamepass and Battlefield games release about 6 months later. Sony will do fine in the short term this deal doesn't even close until 2023, but the 3-5 year outlook for Playstation is not good unless they get rolling on an improved and compelling subscription offering soon.

  9. wait … people use there ps5 for 3rd party games but why playstaion is for horizon god of war and the last of us and its great dont get me wrong but imho everything else plays better on that black box with the x

  10. Microtransactions and in COD and Overwatch will keep those franchises on all platforms. There's more money to be made for Microsoft opening up those microtransactions to as many people as possible than in short term console sales. Especially when it doesn't seem that Microsoft really cares about consoles going forward with their push for cloud gaming. Activision was making a $1billion+ in revenue from microtransactions alone every quarter

  11. I think they downplayed it a little bit, Not just COD but Overwatch, Diablo, and WOW are huge. I agree I wouldn't panic yet but if Sony doesn't do something in the next couple months I would start to worry. IMO I think they have to make there First party games Day One on Spartacus, because once all these MS games start coming out every month day one on Gamepass it's going to be hard not to compare and they will start losing subs.

  12. Does Playstation have FPS'?

    For Xbox…
    Gears of War
    Call of Duty

    EA Shooters through Gamepass Ultimate
    Star Wars Battlefront
    Medal of Honor

  13. Considering the past 2 years are only years ive skipped cod since cod4 and i bought a ps5 90% for psvr2 … im not super stressed… but im pretty sure only about .001% of players are in the same boat as me…. Plenty of room on this boat! Comon in!

  14. Xbox was playing nice but playstation was fixed on private content (that hurts not to have) from other platforms like a little thing called FF VII REMAKE which should be available for Xbox right now but they didn't allow. There a lot of examples like that…. this is Karma. I genuinly hope this trend stops though.

  15. Also, to hear them say they don't think companies being bought up is a good thing, but companies restricting games on other platforms for a paid amount of time, is the way to go, is just…frustrating lol. If say Cod doesn't come to PS because it's owned by another company, I mean that makes sense. You don't buy ADIDAS shoes from Nike. What if Nike started selling ADIDAS shoes, one year after ADIDAS has been selling them? Does it make sense there? Or does that only make sense to the SneakerHeads fanatics, like this making sense to the gaming fanatics?

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