Dear Smartphone Makers.

Dear Smartphone Makers.

Dear Smartphone makers – Samsung, Oneplus, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei and more, here are 8 things I’d love to see in 2020 …


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  1. Very happy to find someone whom I could trust in terms of smartphones
    Few things I would like:
    1) Unnecessary animations: For instance, we need to call the ambulance to save a person from a road accident or something and when we take our phone, we'll be greeted with unnecessary animations which can lose time.
    2) Forceful dragging towards ecosystem: many companies would drag us to buy their other laptop (if we are using their phone) to have better features. But we should be our own comfortable ecosystem o products which the majority of companies won't allow.

  2. Good list. I totally agree about call quality. Pretty sad when my Motorola flip phone from the late 90s has better call quality than my Galaxy S8. That is just goofy. What is the point of even calling it a phone?

  3. You have made the best point. Something I have been wanting to convey. This trend also make the expensive most flagship unit of the company loose it's value. Let's say apple has only iphone, so you know anyone who uses the latest iphone is wealthy and has the expensive phone while samsung in producing tons of phones, using the most expensive one s21 ultra doesnt give others an impression that you are using an expensive phone. It's just samsung and it could be any samsung phone, may be a 200 dollars one. So there's no significance like you said. Samsung shod either market the expensive high end ones with a different brand name just so owners can show off like iphone users do by owning an iphone.

  4. What i like the most about your videos other than you are so practical is that when u spot faults or mistakes for a company or a phone type u give options of how these errors can b rectified,, thumbs up

  5. All on point.
    The phone choice burns me so much. And they just "repack it and iterate". Why there is not at least some real mixing to hit random sweetspots of different users? Great userbase would use "lower class model" with big battery and better camera. Nonono, you absolutely need to buy 144FPS flagship with Snapdragon888. Why…. I won't do that anyways. Unless the price comes down as it did for me with Mi 11. Also, stop playing games with specs. Write it down fully, honestly. I'm disappointed how 480FPS slo-mo looks on mi 11.

  6. There is defiantly a downside to releasing as many models as Samsung does when not all consumers understand specs. Someone buys a very low end model and then thinks that all Samsung phones are slow. You bought a budget $100 model, of course it's not going to run like the $1000 iPhone. If you do a side by side comparison Samsung gives you much more for your money then Apple does. A large number of consumers are still not very educated on technology and just buy the latest thing or ask their carrier what one to get. Apple has paid carriers bonuses to give to staff to sell the latest iPhone over other brands in Canada. I'm not sure about other places but I've seen it here for years. I think as more consumers get educated people will move away from Apple as they are running out of unique tricks and their Anti repair stance is not sitting well with informed consumers.

  7. For a tech reviewer, you certainly don't know jack about China, its political state and its internal mass surveillance apparatus, the budget of which is much larger than the entire China's military spending. (and they're gearing to invade Taiwan and fight the US)
    Chinese phones made for the Chinese market, all have back doors and surveillance capabilities.
    THIS is why they release an international version of the same thing without back doors. How do you not know this??

  8. hahah. Great Video. Mr Whose the boss I love your content ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ 💕 💘 ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ 💕 💘 ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ 💕 💘 ❤ Keep up the great work. I love your ideas and next time tell that they should bring ads into system like Xiaomi did. I think that was a great idea.

  9. Someone should make a thick glass that's genuinely durable and heavily textured. Or, you know, just use aluminum. Aluminum looks and feels better and is more durable.

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