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  1. this is the stupidest and most biased review on youtube, Kof XIII at no point had any online lagging issue, and judging from the things this reviewer guy said, it's clear that he is an armature player, maybe never really played the game, KOF isn't that easy to play like SF, where each character only has 3 moves, so some beta male can hate KOF as much as they want, but KOF is for those who loves fighting games to the fullest

  2. Wish List:

    – The King Of Fighters XIII announced at microsoft E3 2011 press conference

    – The King Of Fighters XIII gameplay trailer at microsoft E3 2011 press conference

    – The King Of Fighters XIII gameplay demo at E3 2011

    – The King Of Fighters XIII had story mode with chapters 1- 19

    – The King Of Fighters XIII had character intros

    – Coming Summer 2012

    – Release Date: June 11, 2012

    – DLC Characters for the king of fighters xiii

  3. This is easily in my top 10 of 2D fighters EVER,that’s no small achievement since I love DOZENS of 2d fighters!I’d put it in my top 5 of the 360 gen’

  4. Lmao I'm never disappointed with the hilarity of a fighting game review from a professional publication.
    Almost as much time was spent talking about the cheap boss character as the actual gameplay, which was mostly just glossed over to begin with. Then there's absolutely no mention of the tutorial mode, or the mission mode including the 10 combo trials for each character. Nothing said about the improvement of training mode over KOF XII. No explanation of how the online player lobby or ranked matchmaking systems work.
    Just another review by someone who cranks up the AI to max, and mashes until he's bored, then switches to another game.

  5. Did this game really bankrupt SNK again? It’s easy to see why as it oozes production value: Tons of hand drawn animation, with lots of special effects and colourful lighting and detailed, busy backgrounds, not to mention netcode and an entire story mode. Yeah, they swung for the fences here. It’s beautiful and unique.

  6. My opinion is this game is great and a huge reason I still use my PS3. IGN might be way off here. Can’t beat this art style. KOF XIII, Guilty Gear XX ACP R & BlazBlue Contiuum Shift are the modern great fighters.

  7. Still the best looking fighting game of all time in my opinion. SF3 being a close second, and GG Xrd not far behind. If KoF14 had these sprites instead of those awful 3D models, it would be the pinnacle of the franchise.

  8. Why so much thumbs-down? I totally agree with review, and I am King of Fighters fanboy who owns almost every game ever released. Still, Capcom vs. SNK 1 and 2 are for me the best fighting games ever but KoF XIII is solid game, I don't like how Street Fighter 4 and 5 gone 3D, so KoF XIII is right up my alley with 2D gameplay and no ridiculous finnishing animations.

  9. The author got one thing right: It's the fact that I like the kof storyline better than sf. I noticed that i enjoy reading the kof manga a lot more than sf comics and the other way around for the games. This being the exception. I guess if this game had a weakness it would be the fact that it's unable to contain the personalities of the characters. Kyo just has way too little endurance.

  10. I don't get all the hate this video gets, it's an objectively based opinion about the game, personally I love this game, Hope someone will give SNK a chance to do justice for this series.

  11. …..I dont think this reviewer is all the familiar with the storyline its a conclusion to an arc it makes sense if you know the story from previous games

  12. Here I am trying to find out if the game is fun enough to prioritize getting before sfIV or blazblue, not if the reviewer is salty about sucking against the bosses.

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