UDI U818A Modifications Antenna and Buzzer Mods Quadcopter DJI Phantom Drone camera

UDI U818A Modifications Antenna and Buzzer Mods Quadcopter DJI Phantom Drone camera

UDI U818A Quadcopter: https://amzn.to/2oV6pmw NEW Improved Model. How to install an ANTENNA extension Mod and …


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  1. hi, i have question, i plug 3v buzzer but it sound very quet like ultrasound, i try buzzer with different battery`s and it sound loud, what is problem?

  2. Can I suggest a different way to get that buzzer feature? Search for "wireless 5 in 1 key finder". It's probably sold everywhere under a whole load of brandnames. It consists of a 5 key handset and 5 key fobs. Disassemble a fob and inside you'll find a teeny circuit board which includes a CR2032 battery and buzzer. Glue that inside the U8181A shell (it can easily carry this weight). The point is that now your buzzer has independant power, like a black box! In my case one common occurrence in a crash is that the main battery falls out, but with this method that won't stop the buzzer from working – and you don't have to lose the LED on the nose.

  3. i was wondering if you have a solution to my problem, the black wings wont spin to their full potential causing the front to flip back on itself and thus not fly. do you know whats the probkem?

  4. BubbleBeet
    Nice job! Thanks for taking your time and giving us Newbies some great ideas. Have you done anything on upgrading the battery? I saw one guy on YouTube remount the bottom leds and stick a 1200mAh 3.7v side to side. Looks like a perfect fit and he said he gets 2 x flight time. Thanks again

  5. Don't use the stock micro sd card it's too slow that why the video comes out choppy. I recommend Kingston or sandisk they can process faster giving you a smooth video.

  6. Perhaps measuring and cutting to proper wavelength? 2.4GHz figure mid bandwidth is 2.44Ghz so 1/2 wave 2.30 in. 1/4 wave 1.15 in. Use a bit of antenna theory here. Oorah!

  7. Hi, I unplugged red and blue LEDs from pcb and tried flying my UDI quadcopter without them and now when I want to plug them back, I forgot what are the corresponding sockets for each of the four connectors. Could you PLEASE send me photos or diagrams where to connect them?? My mail is: viki.bozicevic@gmail.com

  8. Thank you for the help the antenna I have is bad can't get it more than 100ft but i will try your way… also I have notice the battery dose not last too long like 5 mins or less maybe can I improve it ?

  9. Hi, can the extension wire for the range performance be soldered inside of the transmitter rather than quadcopter? And does this wire has to be the same gauge (thickness) or could be thinner? I'm not a professional in rc, but also have this quadcopter and would like to make a simple mod for more distant flying. Can someone please reply??

  10. I have a UDI 1818A-1  & I could not get the buzzer mod (which is a great idea) to work, I have 3v buzzers but do not get any sound out of them when plugging it into either of the LED plugs. Any thoughts on the possible differences, almost acts like there is not enough current supplied on the board to power the buzzer.


  11. I did the receiver antenna extension and it really improved the control distance. I didn't do it exactly like BubbleBeet, I ran the extension out front where the LED light wire used to be and then around the front of the frame to the side. I drilled small holes in frame to run the wire through.  If the wire is just dangling, it may get into the prop. The transmitting antenna length for the controller is very critical and is probably not worth the effort to fool with that.

  12. Did the antenna mod after watching your video; WORKS GREAT! Much better range on the UAV and no interruptions in the videos now because it lost the signal. I was able to watch the full 12 minutes of flight time (3 minutes longer than average) without gaps. Thanks for the great tip.   question, why ebay versus amazon or for lack of a better example, why not Radio Shack for the buzzers? 3 weeks seems like a long time for buzzers, just curious. thx again

  13. Sweet. Figure I would learn how to fly this toy before flying my FPV quad. I'll be doing this same mod, including weight reduction. Add a go-pro, add a bigger battery, and balance impellers. Hope these little motors hold up. Should be a nice little setup

  14. Hi, I'm a UDI 818a owner with a couple months experience. I have recently cut off the plastic, and what a difference it makes. I was wondering if any experienced RC guy can point to me a good book to learn and perform DIY and maintence. Thanks for the upload.

  15. Good idea, let me got a lot to help production.There is a way to find lost machine, when you lost, turn off the remote control switch, then open again, when the machine with the remote control when they close to the code, will know that the attachment. 

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