ESPN’s First Take – SNL

ESPN’s First Take - SNL

In this Cut for Time sketch, things get heated as co-hosts Molly Qerim (Chloe Fineman), Stephen A. Smith (Chris Redd) and …


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  1. Simply one of the best plots I've ever heard and seen if you close your eyes you would swear that's Stephen A , Molly and Michael absolutely hilarious

  2. Two thumbs up, I have never seen more than a 90 second clip of SAS, Shannon, Skip, any of those clowns. Pointless to listen to their stupid banter. SO damn boring.

  3. The questions about Tom Brady 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 So redundant. Every single day all the newscasters have the same conversations about that man.

  4. mmmh, i was looking for a SNL skit but i jus got some usual news coverage 😵‍💫😮
    (absolutely genious. I LOVE Chris Redd)

  5. I hope that switching gears line didn’t go over too many peoples heads.

    Shout out Lavar Ball.

    At least SNL has the balls to still show him some love.

  6. I be going to Kinder’s and often enough I look up on the sports tube while waiting for my food and these guys be going at it.

    Half the time, I be like, wth happened? Lol

  7. The show has got so much worse since Max left. Michael Irvin is so bad it's hard to even watch the show at all! He is like having you're very LOUD, Drunk stuttering uncle on the show who might have just smoke some crack & who is just starting to develop dementia! SNL forgot Stephen A's Daily as a black man interlude "as a black man, as a black man who's done alot for the black community" even on topics that have nothing to do with social issues and when he clearly hasn't! Also forgot, Molly Is the thing I am the most thankful for because that's so sports related?! 😂 It's no wonder all the talent is at Fox now! I'd watch Skip & Shannon or Chris Brussard and Nick Wright over these guys any day!!!

  8. ESPN has been unwatchable for 20 years because of their "whoever yells the loudest is right" style of discourse. They can disappear with the rest cable tv.

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