Keiser: Ethereum is ‘pyramid scheme’, scam DeFi will blow up, only Bitcoin will be left – Pt. (2/2)

Keiser: Ethereum is ‘pyramid scheme’, scam DeFi will blow up, only Bitcoin will be left - Pt. (2/2)

Watch part 1 of the interview: Altcoins, and Ethereum in particular, are “just outright scams” and will …


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  1. Anyone watching this and wants to acquire Bitcoin then get a cold storage wallet and setup a Bitcoin Full Node! The easiest way to setup a Bitcoin full node is through the use of the Umbrel software service. This will protect your Bitcoin while making the Bitcoin network more secure and further decentralized.

  2. Max makes some great points until he says all alt coins are going to zero, then he loses all credibility and looks foolish. Yes 95% of crypto projects will likely go to zero, but all them, no this is ridiculous.

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  4. Please have a debate between Max and Peter Schiff. I think people would love to hear how they rebut each other.
    I used to like listening to Max before, but he’s become a one trick pony these last few years with his BTC push.

  5. Nice try maxie. The flippening is taking place before your very eyes. Just ask CelsiusNetwork founder Alex Machinski, who's got more money sitting in his petty cash drawer than you will ever see. I honestly don't know whose going crazy faster; you or Kiyosaki.

  6. YES: BTC seems Very Valuable,…no doubt…BUT… BCH (except the hype) has exactly the same characteristics (even faster and greatly cheaper), so WHY BTC alone? CAPS, GLMR (Moonbeam), AVAX, DOT, SOL, (Theta and BNB also) seem more useful on a practical basis. The world can live without BTC, but not without Copper and SILVER…

  7. Utter rubbish!! Max Keiser lost his credibility and he is talking rubbish regarding Bitcoin mining energy and altcoins! Every Bitcoin maximist boasts only about its decentralisation because no one can ever freeze their wallets, as if they are all holding the mafia's money! Bitcoin is a dinosaur in the crypto world and the real crypto technology is in the Altcoins where all the Defi, gaming and future applications will be built on, simply because they run on a far superior, cheaper and faster networks. As for scarcity well there are many capped/fixed/limited supply alts too which also makes them deflationary even more than Bitcoin. In addition, Alts being centralized are managed by admin teams and developers constantly fixing security flaws and improving them. With Bitcoin there is no development and no one will help when a problem happens.

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